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By motminh07

English Title:
A Great Way to Care II
Chinese Title:
仁心解碼 II
Chinese Pinyin:
Ren Xin Jie Ma Er
Cantonese Title:
Yan Sam Gaai Ma Yi
Costume Fitting Date:
26th July 2012
Modern, Medical, Psychology
Marco Law (A Great Way To Care, Grace Under Fire, Gloves Come Off)
Alex Fong
Tavia Yeung
Yoyo Mung
Kate Tsui (Guest)
Raymond Wong (Guest)
Aimee Chan
Ben Wong
Ram Tseung
Edwin Siu
Stephen Au
Raymond Cho
KK Cheung
Oscar Leung
Christine Kuo
Oceane Zhu
Leanne Li
Power Chan
Eric Li
Alex Fong, Yoyo Mung, Edwin Siu and Aimee Chan attended the costume fitting for TVB new series A Great Way to Care II. Lead actress Tavia Yeung was absent, but was miserably teased by Alex. He took her latest rumor to joke with, he said: "Perhaps she's still in Korea enjoying and recharging. (With Him Law?) I'm not sure, but that's not bad! Career is good, and love life is good too!"
It's been three years since Alex been in a TVB series, and coming back to shoot this sequel is to return the 'series debt'. He reveals this is the last series in his contract: "I hope to be able to renew my contract with TVB. I want to spend more time in HK to be with my wife and daughter." When asked if he feels pity that Myolie and Bosco broke up? Alex said: "It is life experience, if not dating, then have to marry."
When speaking of Bosco's love affair with Ada Lin and in the recent years, HK male artists have been finding girlfriends in Mainland? Alex said: "I like to work in Mainland too. I think they have some fame in Mainland, and won't dare to mess around. Young people going out for a drink is very normal. We all know I am a father, so I don't have this type of trouble." He expressed lascivious young people are normal: "I was like that in the past too. If not, then it's hard to be in this industry."
Yoyo plays a psychiatrist in the series, she laughed and said she used her boyfriend Ekin Cheng's concert ticket in exchange for knowledge from her cousin's husband, who is a real psychiatrist. Yoyo believed Myolie and Bosco's break up is just part of their personal live experience. In reality, it is only the two of them that knows what's really going on, the most important is the happiness of the two. "I also had my 7 year itch, but Ekin and I are still doing well."
Aimee Chan hopes to steal tips from Alex, and praised he's the HK phiên bản of Richard Gere. She hopes her boyfriend Moses won't be jealous: "They are both very man and handsome." Aimee felt pity that Bosco and Myolie broke up. She has faith in her boyfriend: "Love should not have regulations, fate will decide everything."

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