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By Gara
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Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 VL x86-x64 en-US (Aug 2013) | 964 Mb / 1.12 Gb

Murphy78 presents Microsoft Office ProPlus x86 VL 2013 Aug2013 Contains all KB files with msp patches to bring current to the Aug13-2013 security-patch date.

My Integration Process (You don't have to do this):

1-Extract Iso to Hard Drive

2-Convert setup to Volume Channel using MTK 2.4.5

3-Install previous phiên bản in system

4-Check for updates on Microsoft Update and download ones over a meg

5-Extract the kb exe files to a folder and copy certain msp files to

the UPDATES folder in the ISO directory

6-Create ISO and test to make sure any updates are current and

repeat process if necessary

7-Test activation

MSP files added to Updates Folder:

access-x-none.msp, ace-x-none.msp, convintl-en-us.msp,

csi-x-none.msp, excel-x-none.msp, excelintl-en-us.msp,

groove-x-none.msp, grooveintl-en-us.msp, lync-x-none.msp,

lyncintl-en-us.msp, msmipc-x-none.msp, mso-x-none.msp,

msointl-en-us.msp, msores-x-none.msp, oart-x-none.msp,

oleo-x-none.msp, onenote-x-none.msp, orgidcrl-x-none.msp,

osetup-x-none.msp, outlfltr-x-none.msp, outlook-x-none.msp,

outlookintl-en-us.msp, powerpoint-x-none.msp, powerpointintl-en-us.msp,

project-x-none.msp, proof-en-us.msp, proof-es-es.msp,

visio-x-none.msp, visiointl-en-us.msp,

vsto-x-none.msp, vviewer-x-none.msp, word-x-none.msp

You can activate using MS Toolkit (Project Page Link Included).

Click the office button, then activation tab, etc.

Currently MTK does not yet activate KMS v6 which comes in the

latest build of Windows 8.1, so try to keep up to date and keep checking

for newer versions that potentially support KMS v6 if you install

Office 2013 on 8.1. The reason being that 8.X take over the activation

for Office 2013, and since 8.1 uses v6, Office 2013 will also use v6.

It could be that someone else comes up with activation for v6, you should

look around MDL while yer checking on MTK's v6 status. Previous Windows

versions will likely be unaffected, with possible exception to 8.0 which

could have a KB file to incorporate KMS v6.

How to Install:

(1): Please use 7Zip/WinRAR/Universal Extractor to EXTRACT FILES

(2): run the setup

(3): Use the given MS Toolkit Activator to activate

(4): Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!

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