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#885153 Visio Overview:

Visio 2010 focuses on three major areas of investment:

Ease of Use

Visio 2010 incorporates the Office Fluent User Interface and design philosophy. The improved organization and presentation of Visio’s capabilities helps you complete tasks and create better looking diagrams with greater efficiency. The Shapes Window gets a new look and new capabilities to make organizing shapes and adding them to the drawing even easier. Within the drawing window we added productivity improvements like shape insertion and automatic alignment & spacing to speed up initial diagram creation AND assist with editing and maintaining diagrams over time.

Process Management

Visio 2010 delivers a great new experience for working with process diagrams. We’ve redesigned our cross-functional flowcharts to be simple, scalable, and reliable. We’ve added new diagram types for the Business Process Modeling Notation standard and for designing SharePoint workflows, which can be configured and deployed with SharePoint Designer 2010. Sub-processes and containers break up a diagram into understandable pieces, and the Validation feature can analyze a diagram to ensure it is properly constructed. Visio integrates with SharePoint to provide a process diagram library for centralized storage of process documents.

Visio Services

Visio 2010 can take data-refreshable diagrams and publish them to SharePoint for broad distribution to anyone with a web browser. Visio Services performs data refresh and rendering on the server and delivers up-to-date diagrams in the browser. The diagram author no longer needs to repost the diagram every time the data changes, and diagram viewers no longer need the Visio client to see the diagram.


Link tải cả hai bản 32bit và 64bit trong thư mục này :
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Pass download :

Mã MD5 dùng để check tính toàn vẹn sau khi download về :

Dùng tool này để check : Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link! x86:

b6b9471db5a6d0a518344ea4178666e2 en_visio_2010_x86_Volume_License.part1.rar

19fa246f29f75b67b42d9e86e58fd691 en_visio_2010_x86_Volume_License.part2.rar


6b1d6d977517abc94ad2e395dd9689e0 en_visio_2010_x64_Volume_License.part1.rar

07c9634c116691e5efae2e677c00b664 en_visio_2010_x64_Volume_License.part2.rar

Thuốc Active mình làm nè chỉ cần 1 click sau khi cài là active ngay : Nhớ tắt UAC khi xài windows7,vista nhé
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