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By kim_thao124
#632648 WinZip 14.5 Build 9095 FULL

WinZip® is the original and most trusted file compression software for Windows. No other compression utility is as easy-to-use or offers the comprehensive feature set and productivity-enhancing approach that has made WinZip the gold standard in file compression tools. The new WinZip 14 provides deep integration with Windows, including Microsoft’s latest operating system - Windows 7 - as well as innovative features that improve zipping security and simplicity.

With WinZip 14 you can quickly zip and unzip files to conserve storage space, speed up e-mail transmission, and reduce download times. In addition to state-of-the-art file compression, WinZip 14 offers strong AES encryption for securing sensitive data, the ability to bundle files into convenient, compressed packages, and an automated data backup facility to prevent data loss. WinZip creates Zip, LHA, and Zipx files - the smallest Zip files ever - and it opens Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, BZ2, CAB, JAR, IMG, and most other compressed file types.

WinZip 14 even supports photo and image compression. Now you can compress your digital photographs and graphic images by 20 to 25% with no loss of photo quality or data integrity. This lets you send pictures faster and fit more on your flash drive, CD/DVD, or hard disc than ever before.

Use WinZip for all your compression, encryption, file packaging, and data backup needs. WinZip 14 starts at only 29.95 for a single user license and is available in three product editions: WinZip Standard edition, the new WinZip Backup edition, and the full-featured WinZip Pro edition.


• Compress files to save space and reduce transmission times

• Create Zip, LHA, and new Zipx files – the smallest Zip files ever

• Let WinZip select the "best" compression method based on file type to maximize efficiency

• Compress JPEG image files by 20 to 25% with no loss of photo quality or data integrity

• Open and extract from Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, LHA BZ2, CAB, IMG, ISO, and other archive files

• Experience better performance on most files with LZMA compression

• View international characters in filenames through Unicode support

• Create and read Zip files larger than 4GB


• Secure sensitive data with FIPS-197 certified AES encryption (128- and 256-bit)

• Encrypt and decrypt confidential files and email attachments

• NEW! Auto-wipe ("shred") temporarily extracted copies of encrypted files

• NEW! Feel safe knowing Auto-wipe uses the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) standard

• Set password policy by controlling complexity requirements

• Set or disable available encryption methods

• NEW! Take advantage of hardware support in certain Intel-based computers for even faster AES encryption

Package and Share:

• Bundle files into zipped packages, creating convenient, logical groups of related files

• Organize and secure email attachments, which transmit faster thanks to smaller file sizes

• NEW! See the content of Zip file attachments in Outlook 2007 using the Zip file previewer

• NEW! Double click on a file in the Zip file previewer for Outlook 2007 to open it for viewing

• View photos in Zip files without extracting, using WinZip’s internal image viewer

• NEW! Resize Photos when using Zip & E-Mail

• Quickly create and send Zip files with one-click "Zip & E-Mail"

• Resize photos from a Zip file when sending by email or to a new Zip file

• Use “Send To” to send new and existing Zip files as e-mail attachments

• Use Save As, Rename, and New Folder commands to easily manage Zip files

• Create Self-Extracting Archives with Self-Extractor Personal Edition

• Split Zip files to make large Zip files fit on removable media

• Use Zip from Camera Wizard to quickly transfer, rotate, and compress photos from supported cameras

Backup / Automate:

• Prevent data loss with WinZip’s automated data backup facility

• Burn back-ups to CD or DVD and automatically split them over multiple discs, if necessary

• Upload your back-ups to an off-site server using WinZip’s internal FTP client

• Create custom WinZip jobs to automate routine zip tasks

• Schedule WinZip jobs to run automatically and unattended

• Utilize predefined WinZip jobs

• Email, FTP upload, or burn Zip files to disc using WinZip Job Wizard

• Email log files upon WinZip job completion

• Utilize WinZip’s command line interface for scripting (free add-on)


• Choose your interface style – Wizard, Classic, Windows Shell Integration

• NEW! Get easy access to recent Zip files, Jobs, and WinZip commands with Windows 7 Jump List support

• NEW! Easily locate files, folders, and libraries using updated, Windows 7 style WinZip dialogs, including New, Open, Add, and Extract

• NEW! Zip just the files you want using the Add dialog’s Include and Exclude filters

• NEW! Zip your Windows 7 libraries and unzip into Windows 7 libraries

• NEW! See the content of your Zip files in Explorer with the Zip file previewer for Windows 7 and Vista

• NEW! Double Click on a file in the Explorer Zip file previewer to open it for viewing

• NEW! Utilize Windows 7 touch screen gestures - simple finger movements - to simplify tasks

• Temporarily extract Zip files using the Check Out feature and have WinZip clean them up when done

• Rotate, Resize, and View full sized images directly from a Zip file

• Use the content-sensitive Smart View to logically display the files in a Zip file

• Use Explorer View to display image thumbnails for easy browsing

Requirements: Microsoft® Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista® or Windows 7

What's NEW! in WinZip 14.5:
WinZip 14.5 works the way you think, delivering an entirely new user experience, changing the paradigm for Zip file utilities, and dramatically simplifying the product. Highlights include:

* Microsoft Office 2010-style ribbon interface: Unveils key WinZip functionality, streamlining essential tasks and increasing user productivity

* Windows 7 support: Supports Libraries, Jump Lists, Explorer Preview, Touch Screen Gestures, and more (Also supports Windows Vista, XP, and 2000)

* Zip button, 1-Click Unzip, Encrypt checkbox, Attach to E-mail option, Backup tab, Tools tab, and much more

Link download:
Mới update

WinZip® Pro 15.5

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