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By baekgiang
#1009852 I- Fill in each blank with one suitable word to complete the passage :
I have a lot of things to do everyday. Often I don't have enough time to do every thing I have to do. One reason for this .... 1 ...that when people ask ...2 ... help,I often volunteer. I know that I should volunteer so much.I should just...3... to do the few things that I really want to do. Then I could do these things better and could take ... 4 ... free time. I want to learn ... 5 ... to play the piano, but in ... 6 ... to do this, I shortly practise every day. or at least a ... 7 ... times a week. I want to ... 8 ... an English course, but it would take me five evenings a week to go to class. I wish I could go ... 9 ... out of the city to spend the weekends. Maybe my New Year's resolution should be work less and to enjoy ... 10 ... more.

II- Correct the mistakes in the following letter. There are ten mistakes:
Dear Jose,
I am writing to let you know that things are fine here in LonDon. I am studying at the Queen School for a month now. There are only 20 students in my class, and every body are friendly. The hostel is OK, but it's a bit far from the center. It's takes half an hour to go to the center by tube, that is annoying but there is a park just around the conner where I go jog daily.I have made friend with a lot of students here, but most of them are foreign. When are you coming over to visit? We've got a two - weeks break at Easter, and we could go up to Scotland. Let's me know soon so that I can get on with trying arranging things.
Regards to the family.
your sincerely,

III- Un jumble the words given below to make complete sentence:
1- really / he / proud / is / of / in / his / every / garden / spends / weekend / He / which.
2- No / say / be / matter / persuaded / what / don't / they / yourself / let .
3- as/ if / they/ to / me / sounds / getting / so / married / young / a/ mistake / made / It.
4- what / Look / for / done / years / has / environment / his / at / to / man.
5- such / most / The / gave / that / speaker / sleepy / audience /talk / long / a/ felt / on /
the / of / protecting / the environment.

IV- Use the word gven to complete the second sentene so that it has a similar meaning to the first one. Do not change the world given.
1. It's greatly important problem. ( importance)
2. The optician was testing her eyes because she used the computer so much. (tested)
3."If I were you, I wouldn't accept his offer", she said to me. (advised)
4. Instead of having the ball repaired, why don't you give me a new one.(rather)
5. Would you please open the windows? (mind)

V- Write complete sentences using the words or phrases given below:
1. My friend/live/next door/ enjoy/ read/book/very/much.
2. He/prefer/fiction book/non-fiction book.
3. He/start/collect/book/he/school/boy.
4. He/spend/a lot of money/book/years now.
5. He/hope/he/have/own library.
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