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By daigai
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Hello everybody, Welcome to my presentation
Let me just start by introducing myself. My name is Nguyen Thi Hai Yen. I am from class English 1 of Foreign Trade University.
What I’d like to show you today is a product, which is very familiar with each of VietNam’s households. So what is the product? You will know its name after watching this funny and interesting advertisement.
Yeah, the product I will tell you is Vinamilk’s fresh milk. But before starting our presentation. I want to ask you some questions
- Have u ever drink fresh milk?
- Which brand fresh milk do u like?
- Why do u like it?
Through small survey recently, I find that most customers choose Vinamilk fresh milk. So Why? Why do they choose it?
Because Vinamilk is the leading milk producers in Vietnam. When operations began in 1976, the company has built the largest distribution network in Vietnam. In addition, Vinamilk is a nutritious drinks and ensure safe drinks.
Now Our presentation is divided 3 main sections. The first is Vinamilk corporation The second is Vinamilk fresh milk. The third is Competitors and advertising.
I. Vinamilk corporation
Vinamilk is the biggest dairy company in Vietnam. Based on the UNDP 2007 Top 200 largest firms in Vietnam report, it is also the 15th largest company in Vietnam. The principal activities of the Vinamilk are produce and distribute condensed milk, powdered milk, fresh milk, soya milk, yogurts, ice-cream, cheese, fruit juice, coffee and other products derived from milk.
We have the leading distribution network in Vietnam, giving us broad access to consumers. We generate a substantial majority of our revenues from sales of our products in Vietnam comprising both dairy and non-dairy products and export to countries such as Australia, Cambodia, Iraq, the Philippines and the United States
We are the leading producer of dairy products in Vietnam based on sales volume and revenue. Our products range from core dairy products such as liquid and powdered milk, to value-added dairy products such as condensed milk, drinking and spoon yoghurt, ice cream, and cheese. We offer one of the largest dairy portfolios in Vietnam, across a wide selection of products, flavours, and packaging sizes.
We market the majority of our products under our “Vinamilk” brand, which has been designated as both a Famous Brand and one of the Top 100 Strongest Brands in 2006. We have also been voted the top brand in the “Top Ten High-quality Vietnamese Goods” for each year between 1995 to 2007.

II. Vinamilk fresh milk
Vietnam is one of the countries, which drinks milk at least and have the world's lowest height. Not all children who are born and grew up drinking milk to develop comprehensive, especially if you are in remote areas.
Consumer demand for dairy products is increasing. According to the survey results show that consumers are now buying group for all products such as milk powder, fresh milk, condensed milk, sour milk, yogurt, powdered nutrition. including interest and buying groups use more basic products such as milk powder in the market value of up to 47%, fresh milk (23%), condensed milk (7%). Thereby, the formula that led the product team. But over the incident, the melamine contaminated milk powder consumers tend to consumer more milk.
VNM committed to bringing to the community the best nutrition, the best quality with respect, love and the responsibility for human life and society
Manufacturer Vinamlik brand has built the prestigious, diversified products and to benefit from the system-wide distribution channels to consumers relatively fresh dairy products as diverse as: students, student members, housewives and workers. And part of it is the convenience, students may bring to school or other places, and moreover it can be a light meal full of nutrients and have many flavors to choose from
1. Information
- Farm system farm dairy concentrated industrial scale with a closed production cycle of international standard: cows imported from New Zealand, United States, Uruguay, Canada ... to ensure a good milk best; standard cattle feed in separate formulations; farm system widely covered,; milk is squeezed by the automated system ensures hygienic milk flow
- Fresh milk was launched in VN market and became one of the leading products of vinamilk’s company.
- It provide nutrients to make all of your days beautifully. It’s a suitable product for people at all ages.
- There are many kind of vinamilk fresh milk: freshly pasteurized milk, sterilized milk
2. Dimesions and price
- Vinamilk fresh milk was designed with small form, convenient and clean.
- It’s 15 cm in height, 5cm in width.
- It’s 100 mg heavy.
- Lid of milk can opened easily.
- The price of it is around 4000-5000VND, which is appropriate for income.
- You can take it go out in picnic or party.
- Now, vinamilk company has created new designs to attract customers.
3. Effects
- Doctors and nutrition experts encourage consumers to drink fresh milk 100% natural because not only easy to drink, tasty, fresh milk is easily absorbed and can be taken regularly and continuously with ease forms of packaging convenience
- A glass of fresh milk provides about 30% more than 23% of calcium and phosphorus needed per day. In developed countries, fresh milk is considered nutritious food is oil, rich in vitamins and minerals from natural, very good for the body. Fresh milk is not regularly used as a daily drink, but also used in many different forms from mixing, with fruit, cakes and more at the dish.

III-Competitions & Advertising
1. Competition:
- Vinamilk's main competitors are Dutch Lady Vietnam, a division of Friesland Foods, Nestlé Vietnam, Abbott, Mead Johnson, Friso and Nutifood.
- As the market share by value, VNM and 2 Dutch Lady is the largest dairy company in the country, is up nearly 60% market share
- However, vinamilk fresh milk is the most popular product in VN market. The survey results show that most companies have strong brands used by consumers to buy more, as VNM topped both purchase frequency and market value (54.4% and 32.5%), followed by Dutch Lady (14.9% and 14.6%) ..

2. Advertising:
- Create famous slogan: “Vietnam belief”.
- Vinamilk use all forms of media advertising such as newspaper, TV, broadcasting, outdoor advertising…
- Vinamilk company has launched advertising with funny photos.
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