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By daigai
#1018178 Tảng đá lăn liều sẽ không thể có rêu mọc.

With the striking development of our society nowadays, the needs as well as the standards of living have been
developing more and more. For that reason, each of us has to try all the best to adapt with the changes of our
society. However, on the way to perfect ourselves, we certainly have to face a lot of troubles and difficulties.
Normally, there are a lot of stones in our life. They are not usually movable. As a result, moss has a very good
opportunity to cling on the surface of the stones. On the other hand, if the stones were able to roll by themselves,
there would be no chances for the moss to cling on. Therefore, we can infer a very interesting lesson from this
saying. In our busy daily life, there are a lot of bad and evil things happening around and around. Consequently, if
we are so lazy that we don’t think and we don’t work, many bad and evil things will have good chances to cling on
our body, even our mind. This completely ruins us both physically and mentally. An example of my friend Minh can
clearly illustrate this. He is from a high position family with a lot of money. Therefore, he doesn’t want to do anything
but spending money on invaluable things. As a result, he is addicted to heroin which really ruins his health and mind
a lot. Clearly, it is only because Minh didn’t want to study and work to perfect himself that he has got a very bad
result now. All in all, there is no way to avoid saying that we must act, study, work as well as develop ourselves so
that we can adapt with the striking development of our society nowadays. That is true for everyone all over the
world. Especially, when being students, we must try all our best to perfect ourselves so that we can give our small
hands together with a lot of other hands to build up our society more and more developing like the remaining value
in the proverb, “Rolling stones gather no moss.”

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