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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By daigai
#1018175 Bạn muốn yêu trước khi cưới hay yêu sau cưới

Bài luận cho các bạn tham khảo

With the striking developing of our society nowadays, the viewpoint of love has been changing much in comparison
with that in the past. Therefore, the youth has more chances to find out each other’s characters as well as
understand each other deeply before their marriage. For this reason, I personally think that love before marriage is
more important. In fact, when having love before marriage, it’s very convenient for the couple to understand and
sympathize each other. Therefore, they can share each other’s happiness and sadness more easily. In addition, there
are usually something wrong about many fields happening in the young couple’s life after marriage, so if they don’t
have love before, it’s very difficult for them to sacrifice for each other. As a result, the arguments will easily happen in
their daily life. An example of the young couple in my neighborhood can clearly illustrate this. Because of obeying
their parents, they became husband and wife without love before their marriage. Consequently, their present life is
very miserable because they usually argue to each other. Sometimes, they even fight against each other. In fact, they
cannot find any happiness in their daily life. In short, having love before marriage is not only very important to me,
but it is important to anyone else as well.

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