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By daigai
#1017802 Bài luận cho ae tham khảo

Nowadays, the world seems to be smaller because human beings are closer and closer. In fact, with the developing
of travelling, it’s easier for us to visit almost all countries all over the world. However, we should find out some
customs and cultures of the countries we are going to travel to because if we don’t, we maybe do something wrong
in a new place with different cultures and customs. In fact, there is something we can normally do in our place of
living, but we really can’t do in another place. The following simple example can clearly illustrate this: In Vietnam, we
can normally ask each other about ages, even at the first time we know each other, but this is forbidden in any
western countries, especially in . In addition, it’s very important for us to know the taboos of the country we are
going to travel to. For example, when we are in , we shouldn’t wear shorts or top whenever we visit pagodas
because it is a taboo. Another example is that when we are in , we should put our hands together before our chest
and bow our body when we want to greet someone. All in all, the proverb “When you are in , do as the Romans do”
is very valuable to everyone of any countries and tribes all over the world.

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