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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By daigai
#1017747 Bài tiểu luận mẫu nói về quý giá của thời gian

Time is invaluable as each of us is endowed with life only once, and the life span is limited. Therefore, I completely
agree with the above proverb. However, I personally think that time is more precious than money because when
money is spent, we can earn it back, but when time is gone, it will never return. This is the reason why we must
value time since each of us recognizes that time is money, so “To save time is to save money.” In fact, it is clear that
the time for our study and work is unusually limited. Hence, even an hour is extremely precious. We should make full
use of our time to do useful things. As students, we must not relax our efforts to engage in our studies. In reality,
there are a lot of students who do not know the importance of time. They spend their precious time smoking,
drinking and gambling. They do not realize that wasting time is equal to wasting their money as well as their valuable
life. In a word, we should get into the good habit of saving time. Do not put off what we can be done today until
tomorrow because laziness will not only bring us failure but also lead us to the road of poverty.
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