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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By daigai
#1017701 Quê của bạn thế nào? Có nhiều đổi mới so với trước kia không?
My hometown is . It is one of the provinces located in the eastern of . It is not very big, but it is very beautiful with a
lot of rubber-tree forests along the roads. Especially, there are a lot of industrial parks here. In fact, has been
developing considerably because it really attracts many foreign investments. It is also a province of a great number
of immigrants because a lot of people from other provinces rush to immigrate to Binh Duong to work in some
companies in the industrial parks. If someone who lives far away from Binh Duong for a long time and now he comes
back to Binh Duong, he will be very surprised with the striking developments in Binh Duong nowadays. In fact, unlike
in the past, Binh Duong nowadays has great developments. The infrastructure is very good. Also, the standard of
living has been developing day after day. Every day, we can see a lot of cars on the streets with many high buildings
along the two sides of the streets. Binh Duong is considered one of the most provinces having high speed of
development. In short, Binh Duong, my hometown, is the most beautiful and developing place in the bottom of my
heart. Therefore, where I go and whatever I do, I am always thinking about Binh Duong with all my affection.

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