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By daigai
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C1. We’ve just come back exhausted after a two-week holiday in France. We were really exhausted. On the last day, we drove non-stop from Marseille to Calais –we should have (1)_____our journey in Lyon or Paris. As if that wasn’t enough, the sea was so rough in the English Channel that the (2)_____ took three hours instead of one and a half. Next year, we plan to book a cheap (3) _____holiday to Italy. It sounds marvellous — the cost of the flight, the hotel and all our meals are (4)_____ in the price. While we’re in Rome, we’ll be going on a guided (5)_____ to Coliseum. The last time I was (6)_____ Italy, I was in a business (7)_____. I couldn’t see many of the famous tourist (8)_____on that occasion, but my wife was really interested (9)_____ Italy. We have work hard these years to save money for the next trips in the (10)_____ years.

1. Broken
2. Expedition
3. Overall
4. Included
5. Tour
6. In
7. Trip
8. Sights
9. In
10. Coming or bỏ trống

C2. According (1)_____computer models that were used to estimate the running speeds of dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex would have been able to outrun a footballer. The study shows that the dinosaur could reach a top (2)_____of 8 metres a second, which is (3)_____faster than the average professional footballer. There has been a lot of controversy (4)_____whether the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a predator or a scavenger; some believe that its highly developed sense of smell indicates that it was a scavenger, (5)_____others say that its keen eyesight shows that it was a hunter. The (6)_____group will appreciate the recent study, as a hunter is more (7)_____to require such speed. The University of Manchester study used a powerful supercomputer to calculate the running speeds of five meat-eating dinosaurs and used data taken (8)_____ from dinosaur fossils, (9)_____than referring to previous work on (10)_____animals.

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