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By daigai
#1012055 Link tải luận văn miễn phí cho ae Kết nối
Phân tích ngôn ngữ đánh giá trong các bản tin về nhà nước Hồi giáo trên CNN và CNA từ ngày 30/11/2014 đến ngày 10/12/2014 dựa trên thuyết thẩm định. M.A. Thesis Linguistics
The research focuses on exploring evaluative language in news about IS on CNN
and CNA from November 30, 2014 to December 10, 2014 in the light of Appraisal
theory. With careful investigation, the paper finds out how evaluative language is
realized in news and points out similarities and differences between writers‟
journalistic stances on CNN and writers‟ journalistic stances on CNA about IS.
Additionally, the paper offers suggestions for further studies in the given topic. For
accomplishments of these objectives, content analysis and statistical analysis are
employed as data analysis instruments. Despite the writer‟s sustained efforts and
serious work, the paper cannot avoid shortcomings. The writer hopes that this study
will make a small contribution to translation studies and translation training.
1.1. Rationale for the study
It is undeniable that language plays an important role in life of human
beings. Language can be used to express the writer's/speaker's opinion on people,
things and situations. For the past several years, there have been many attempts to
study the linguistic mechanisms employed by speakers and writers to convey their
personal feelings and assessments. Such investigations have been carried out using
a wide range of conceptual and theoretical approaches, including stance (Biber,
2006), metadiscourse (Hyland & Tse, 2004), evaluative, attitudinal or affective
language (Ochs, 1989), evidentiality (Chafe & Nichols, 1986), and evaluation
(Hunston, 1994; 2011). Especially, Martin and White (2005) developed an elaborate
system called Appraisal theory allowing linguistic analysis of a text from the
perspective of the evaluative properties of this text. The Appraisal theory is
concerned with a) how text producers (writers or speakers) construe particular
authorial identities for themselves, b) how authors align or do not align themselves
with actual or potential respondents, and c) how writers or speakers construct an
ideal audience for their texts (Martin & White, 2005; Pankovskyi, 2013). This
approach is related to the stance, language usage, and response. The Appraisal
theory is thus suitable to be employed to analyze and evaluate living language in
journalistic discourse with diverse topics and numerous audiences.
In addition, events of Islamic States (IS) are drawing attention of politicians‟
and scholars‟ interest with various understandings and thoughts because their
instability has affected international security. Therefore, quite a few articles are
published daily to update Islamic states‟ events.
Moreover, up to now, very few or even no research has been done to explore
the evaluative language in news about Islamic States. Because of aforementioned
conditions, in this research, I would like to utilize two famous channels CNN (an
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