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By daigai
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I. Introduction

II. Vinamilk corporation- Dương
- 1976: vinamilk company was founded.
- 2007: ranked 15th among the 200 largest company in VN
Became the biggest dairy company in VN.
- 2010: it was the first company in VN which was selected in top 200 performing small and mid- sized companies with annual revenue under 1 billion $.
- Products: condensed milk, powdered milk, fresh milk, soya milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, fruit juice, coffee and other products derived from milk.

III. Vinamilk Yoghurt
- 1991: yoghurt was launched in VN market and became one of the leading products of vinamilk’s company.
- Vinamilk yoghurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk.
- Many customers choose vinamilk yoghurt is our favorites yoghurt.
- It provide nutrients to make all of your days beautifully.
- There are many kind of vinamilk yoghurt: sweetened yoghurt, unsweetened yoghurt, fruit flavored yoghurt, probi yoghurt, susu yoghurt.
2. Dimesions and price
- Vinamilk yoghurt was designed with small form, convenient and clean.
- It’s 5cm in height.
- It’s more or less cube in shape.
- It’s 100 mg heavy.
- Lid of yoghurt can opened easily.
- The price of it is around 4000-5000VND, which is appropriate for income.
- You can take it go out in picnic or party.
- Now, vinamilk company has created new designs to attract customers.
IV. Products
1. Sweetened yoghurt
- It’s manufactured in- line with the latest European technology to bring nutritious products of the best quality to the market.
- It’s a suitable product for people at all ages.
- With fatty flavor from fresh milk, sweetened yoghurt provide abundant energy for your health when you are tired or stressful

2. Probi yoghurt
- Its new product and launched in 2010
- Added with Probiotic to Giúp enhance immunity, healthy body, avoid common diseases and provide energy
- Good for developing of children

3.Fruit flavored yoghurt
- It’s a special product for children and women.
- You have many choice with different flavor such as strawberry yoghurt, aloe vera yoghurt, orange yoghurt…
- With strawberry yoghurt, you can fell sweet flavor like fresh trawberries.
- Meanwhile Selenium in Aloe Vera yoghurt contributes to preventing the aging of skin, give you a beautiful skin.

4. Unsweetened yoghurt
- It’s made from special kefir yeast to Giúp reduce cholesterol, reduce stress.
- Stimulate the immune system.
- Very appropriate for people with diabetes.

The headquarter is located on 10 tan dao street, tan phu ward, district 7, HCM city.
The company has two distribution channels:
+) Distribution through traditional channels:
- 220 independent distributor and over 140000 points of sale.
- Vinamilk has opened 14 showrooms products in large cities such as Hà Nội, Đà Nẵng, Hồ chí minh…
+) Distribution through modern channels (such as supermarkets, Metro ...).
- 5,000 agents and 140,000 thousand business retailers across country.
- In other direct distribution channels such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets ...
- Exported to overseas markets such as Australia, Cambodia, Iraq, Philippines…

VI-Competitions & Advertising
1. Competition:
- Main competititors are moc chau yoghurt, netsle yoghurt, bavi yoghurt, wel yo yoghurt, monte yoghurt…
- However, vinamilk yoghurt is the most popular product in VN market.

2. Advertising:
- Create famous slogan: “ for your health and beauty”.
- Vinamilk use all forms of media advertising such as newspaper, TV, broadcasting, outdoor advertising…
- Vinamilk company has launched advertising with funny photos.
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