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By daigai
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The length, circumference, height and weight of 63 (29 female, 34 male)
unconditioned mongrel dogs were measured. Means and standard
deviations of the mean were calculated for each parameter for males,
females, and combined totals. Combined totals were used to plot regression
lines for length :weight, circumference :weight, and height :weight. Cor
relation coefficients of the lines of regression were 0.76,0.85, and 0-41for
length :weight, circumference :weight, and height :weight, respectively, and
standard errors for the three parameters were 3.20, 2.25, and 3.95,
respectively. Circumference, the best single parameter for predicting
weight, was selected and used to compile a table of normalized weights
expressed in kilograms and pounds for convenient comparison.
Specific weight standards such as those available for humans have not been
determined for dogs. Consequently, estimation of normal weights in dogs is based
largely on subjective evaluation. The lack of objective standards is unfortunate
because it hinders owners, practitioners, and researchers in making sound
judgements about the nutritional status of a dog.
Increased emphasis on nutritional status of dogs is evidenced by the recent
development of product lines designed to provide maximum canine nutrition
without associated obesity. However, without normal weight guidelines, pet owners
may be confused about judgement of caloric requirements for their dogs. The same
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