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By daigai
#990988 Link tải luận văn miễn phí cho ae
Thanked to innovation and opening policy, in over 10 years up to now, the economy in Vietnam has been developed strongỉy and from a country with concentrated economics became market economy In the market economy, firms must face up with many competitors, this forces them have to always try in all business activities to esdst and develop b~ limited resources.

Same as many other manu&cture fields, the industry of producing cons Vietnam has strongỉy developed. Together with increasing of incó g

and high economic growth then demand for construction material
initaiy ware

in particular has increased in both quantitative and qualitative. Therefore, applying suitable marketing solutions to increase sales and attract attention of customer become a very important factor with companies' existence and developing

The purpose 0 f this research is specifymatfceting solutions in Marketing Mix including from theory to practical perspectives to be able to Giúp firm to increase sales, prestige of brand in field of sanitary wares in Vietnam

The thesis’s focus has been done to research HBĩketing solutions to increase sales and mainly concertratecf in 4 factors in Marketing Mix as Price, Product, Place, and Promotion. Beãde that, the research specifies and analyzes Êctors that could b e affecting to marketing activities of firm Through survey and analyze irarketing activities of IN AX Vietnam Sanitary Wane c ompany (INAX), the author suppled marketing solutions to increase turnover for IN AX and found Êctors that affect to effect of marketing activities in IN AX. However, by limitation of time and budget, the surveys were only restricted in 6 North and Central provinces, the research coiid not mention all Êctors that can affect business activities of the company as Êctors of technology, production, and finance and so on The author hopes, anyway, recommendations are necessary for improving business activities, increasing sales oflNAX.

The research was done mainly in first half of 200 9 and finished in June of 2009.
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