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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By tctuvan
#990712 Link tải luận văn miễn phí cho ae

I would like to thank m y dissertation supervisor, Professor David Snyder for his
support, assistance, patienc e in this study, also his suggestions helped to form the
direction of the research.
I would also like to thank my dissertation module lecturer Christopher Spoor for the
background acknowledgement of dissertation completion.
Many thanks to the management board of the joint venture I.B.D, especially
Marketing Manager- Mr. Huynh Tan Dat, Finance Director - Mr. Dang Tran Kien,
Technical Manager - Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong and all the staff of Marketing
Department for participating in my survey
Finally thanks to my f amity, especially m y husband, m y colleagues and my friends
who supported me in house works during the process of completing dissertation
and sponsored me for this course.
As the title: ‘Marketing solutions of I.B.D joint venture company to expand
Carlsbergbeer market in Vietnam’ indicates, this re search project windows discuss ways
to improve the brand and product of Carlsberg in the Vietnamese market
Carlsberg Heineken, Tiger are three m ãn beer brands in the premium beer market
sequent, however. Carlsberg brand seems to be far beyond two other ậants,
especially Heineken The evidenc e is that Carlsberg only capture just a very small
market share. The àtuationis increasingly difficult for Carlsberg when the premium
beer market is becoming more severe w ith the participation of import brewery One
re search has been taken placed to discover the position of Carlsb erg beer brand in
the awareness of c unsumer and the strategic vision of the management of IBD for
marketing operaticn to promote the product The results claim from research has
shown that Carlsberg brand has ill-defined image which results in the low mind
awareness of consumer. So, which is the measure that I ED should take to improve
the situation? The objectives of this dissertation are to understand the current
atuation of Carlsberg beer branch and to discuss the way for IBD to successfully
chapter IV andV of the dissertation. The researcher has approached the issue by
analyzing the marketing mix sừategy applying for Carlsberg beer, then,
recommended soir.e solutions for the 4P’s of marketing mix such as changes in
slogan and ađvertsing theme song providing plastic package printed Carlsberg
logo, developing a new distribution channel via a website, and so on
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