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By tctuvan
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I have now been a teacher for 2 years and am currently teaching at County middle school.

I knew I wanted to teach ever since I was a young girl. I would love playing with my friends, and would always pretend as if I was a teacher and my friends were students. I even had a little blackboard that I would write on and pretend that I knew what I was saying. Eventually I grew a passion for teaching and as I grew older people would always tell me that when I explained things to them they understood better when I explained then when an actual teacher did.

I would advise undergraduates to always be learning new and different ways of teaching each and everyday that they wake up. The teaching world is always changing and growing. If possible try and student teach, and work with kids in different areas other than teaching. Become a camp counselor or even become a tutor. The more time you are able to work with kids the better teaching skills you will have in the future. Like the old saying goes practice makes perfect. This is especially true in the teaching field.

Becoming a teacher has greatly affected my family and personal life. I am a lot more organized now. I have a lot more patience in dealing with personal issues. I even have more patience with my younger brother. I look at the world in a different light and see things that I would never have if I hadn’t become a teacher. I don’t take things for granted anymore and, I know that if one tries hard enough they can accomplish things that would never seem possible.

There are many things I find rewarding about teaching. I find that if I had a bad night the day before, I can come into class and the children will always find a way to put a smile on my face no matter how bad I am feeling. I love the way a students face lights up when they try and understand a concept and it takes them a little while, but when they finally do, their face just looks like they can accomplish anything in their lives. That’s what I find most rewarding.

I believe that the most challenging aspects of being a teacher these days are all the testing the kids have to go through throughout the year. It’s a challenge to try and get every child to do well on the state testing when not all of the students in your class are on the same level. It puts great stress on teachers when testing season comes around. You have to make sure that every student does well, if they don’t you feel as though you have failed in some way. Especially now that president bush has implemented the no child left behind program. This program cuts funding to schools if children don’t do well on the state exams. I do not believe that this is fair because some students are just not able to do well because they might have a learning disability or are just not able to learn things as fast as other students.

Hành trình trở thành giáo viên

Dear New Roommate, It is hard for me to describe myself to you in simple words. I can tell you that I am an energetic and compassionate person, but what does that tell you? I would rather show you who I am by telling you what my hopes and dreams are, what the driving force in my life is, and this will lead you to understand who I really am, as a person. Only when you get to know these things about me is when you really start to understand what type of person I really am, not just the fact that I am a blond twenty-two-year-old that wants to be a teacher. To make the difference in the lives of children is such an important goal to me. I remember when I was in elementary school, I adored my teachers, they were the world to me. I always felt special and successful because of the love, support and knowledge that my elementary teachers gave to me. I long to give back to children what I was so lucky to receive from my teachers as a child. This has been a major factor in my strive to become an elementary school teacher. By giving children the love, support and education they need, they have a greater chance of living a solid, stable and productive life. What is most important to remember is that children are our future. My journey to become a teacher started as early as Junior High. I started baby-sitting the children in my neighborhood when I was in seventh grade. I loved spending time with children, and by the time I was in high-school, I had many permanent baby-sitting jobs throughout Ojai, the small town we live in. Even when I moved away to San Luis Obispo, to go to college, I never gave up caring for children. I quickly found a nanny job watching two young girls while I was in San Luis Obispo, which I kept for two years. Although these were only small side jobs, they meant much more. I spent hours outside of work going to school plays, soccer games, and dance recitals of the various children that I baby-sat. The real motivation to become a teacher came to me when I started working at a Christian preschool and daycare when I moved back to Ojai. I have worked at Noah’s Ark as a licensed daycare teacher for the past two years. Some of my responsibilities included ensuring the safety of the children, supervising them at play, homework club, creating the curriculum and daily activities for the children, and equally important, loving and nurturing the children while they are in my care. Noah’s Ark has provided me with the opportunity to work with a diverse population of children. I have worked with low-income families on scholarships, physically disabled children, and students with emotional problems. Children from all ethnic backgrounds attend Noah’s Ark and each one has brought their unique culture into the program. This has been a great learning experience for me. It has helped me gain patience, understanding and leadership abilities as well as learning about new cultures. I have a high inner drive to begin my teaching career. I am very energetic and motivated in all that I do.
Children are very special to me and I love working with children from all cultures and backgrounds. I feel that by pushing the idea of having a diverse class, that the students themselves can potentially create a unique and enriching learning experience for themselves. I feel that through each other, the children can learn about history, traditions, and the cultures of other people. This, in turn, will ideally create a more tolerant, loving classroom situation, and hopefully this tolerance will go much further than the classroom doors. I think that California Lutheran University is the perfect school to Giúp me reach the goals that I have set for myself. I want to be in a school that will give me a broad-based education. I feel that the people at Cal Lutheran, both students and faculty are deeply aware of today’s most important issues. I also love the fact that, through Cal Lutheran, I can become involved in many different volunteer groups that deal with children. I enjoy the idea that Cal Lutheran is such a small school and from the dealings with Gloria Lopez, as well as the other admissions staff, I feel that I have been given a lot of special attention and consideration because of the fact that the ratios are so small.
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