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By tctuvan
#909563 Chia sẻ cuốn bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng anh lớp 8 có đáp án mai lan hương cho anh em

Bài tập thực hành tiếng Anh 8 cả năm

Test 1

I. Choose the word that has underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
1. a. planet b. character c. happy d. classmate
2. a.letter b. twelve c. person d. sentence
3. a. humor b. music c. cucumber d. sun
4. a. enough b. young c. country d. mountain
5. a. sociable b. ocean c. receive d. special
II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes cach unfinished sentence below or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.
6. The sun ............... in the east.
a. rise b. rose c. rises d. rising
7. ‘Which girl is Celis?’ ‘She’s the one with______’
a. long curly black hair b. curly long black hair
c. long black curly hair d. curly black long hair
8. Tom is very shy but his sister is outgoing.
a. humorous b. reserved c. hard-working d. sociable
9. She shouldn’t get married yet; she ........................
a. is not old enough b. was not old enough
c. is not enough old d. was not enough old
10. No, you can’t go to holiday by yourself! You aren’t ............!
a. very old b. too old c. old enough d. enough old
11. She was a very_____child.
a. health b. healthy c. healthily d. healthiness
12. That man seems ...............
a. happy b. happily c. happiness d. be happy
13. What does your brother ..............?
a. look like b. look as c. be like d. as
14. Will she be annoyed that you forgot to phone?
a. displeased b. pleased c. please d. pleasure
15. Dave has a good______of humor.
a. sense b. scene c. scent d. cent
16. … does Lien live? ~ In Hue.
A. What B. Which C. Who D. Where
17. … does Hoa look like? ~ She’s beautiful.
A. Who B. What C. Which D. How
18. My brother isn’t old enough … to school aloner.
A. going B. go C. to go D. went
19. Ba enjoys … jokes.
A. telling B. tell C. to tell D. told
20. Bao spends his free time … volunteer work at a local orphanage.
A. to do B. do C. to doing D. doing
21. Lan is getting tired … doing the same thing every day.
A. with B. of C. in D. by
22. The sun … in the East and … in the West.
A. goes / sets B. moves / goes C. rises / moves D. rises / sets
23. Each of … has a different character.
A. we B. us C. our D. ourselves
24. Last year, Hoa and Lan … to the same school.
A. went B. go C. goes D. going
25. We are … to drive a car.
A. old enough not B. not enough old C. not old enough D. enough not old
III. Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in standard English.
16. She threw the bag of potato chips to James and he catches it with one hand.
17. Old Mr. MacGill had thick red hair when he is young but now he is completely bald.
18. He didn’t get job because he wasn’t enough experienced.
19. It is annoyed when people don’t listen to you.
20. Generous is part of the American character.
IV. Choose the word (a, b, c or d) that best fits each of the blank spaces.
My (21)_____friend is Natalie. She (22)_______intelligent, (23)_____fun to be with, and honest. She’s short and slim and she has (24)______and brown eyes. I think she is (25)______
21. a. best b. most c. closest d. nearest
22. a. was b. were c. is d. are
23. a. humor b. annoy c. kind d. peace
24. a. short curly brown hair b. short brown curly hair
c. curly short brown hair d. curly brown short hair
25. a. beautiful b. lovely c. pretty d. all are correct
V. Read the following passage and choose the item (a, b, c or d) that best answers each of the questions about it.
Nich Johnson live with his parents, and his sister. They live in Wembley, in north London. Nick’s mum is called Sue. She works in a supermarket. His dad is called Jim and he works in a bank. Nick’s sister is called Tracy. She is nine years old. There is also a dog in the family. His name is Fred.
26. How many people are there in Nick Johnson’s family?
a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5
27. Where does Nick’s family live?
a. America b. England c. Scotland d. Australia
28. Which does the word ‘his’ in line 5 refer to?
a. Nick’s mother b. Nick’s sister c. Nick’s dog d. Nick’s cousin
29. What’s Nick’s sister’s name?
a. Sue b. Jim c. Tracy d. Fred
30. Which of the following is not true?
a. Nick’s family live in London. B. Nick’s father works in a bank
c. Nick’s mother works in a supermarket. d. Nick’s sister is five years old.
Test 2
1. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
2. a. dark b. father c. star d. principal
2. a. old b. sociable c. outgoing d. volunteer
3. a. my b. curly c. library d. lucky
4. fair b. straight c. train d. wait
5. a. spends b. laughs c. friends d. potatoes
2. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.
6. The water in the lake seldom_______in winter.
a. freeze b. freezes c. froze d. freezing
7. In Britain school always________in September.
a. begin b. begins c. began d. beginning
8. I don’t have enough money_______________.
a. for a holiday b. to a holiday c. to go a holiday d. going on holiday
9. He wasn’t experienced enough_______.
a. for doing the job b. to do the job c. to the job d. doing the job
10. The wall was________.
a. ten meters height b. ten meter height
c. ten meters high d. high ten meters
11. Here are some books. Take the_____you want.
a. books b. things c. ones d. person
12. He’s the boy________ invited me to his party.
a. he b. who c. ones d.
13. Her new glasses change her________
a. appear b. appears c. appearance d. appearances
14. She is very generous ................. She often buys me presents.
a. sociable b. outgoing c. kind d. reserved
15. _______is something that you say or do to make people laugh.
a. Joke b. Novel c. Poem d. Fairy tale
III. Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in Standard English.
16. He always eats eggs for breakfast and drink some milk.
17. When he is four, Michael came to London with his parents.
18. You won’t pass the examination if you don’t work hardly enough.
19. The instructions were’t clear enough for me understand
20. Last year, Tim comes to the school for the first time.
IV. Choose the word (a, b, c or d) that best fits each of the bank spaces.

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