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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By daigia721
#894039 The outline:
1. How popular it is
2. How it is used by the police
3. Why it is important
4. Why it is popular
5. The end

The radio is so popular today that it is found in almost every home. It is indeed a wonderful invention of man. It brings a voice from the distance not only to inform but also to entertain.

Today, the radio plays a very important part in conveying news. The police use it to send messages to the remote corners of the country and to warn people against danger. They also use it to capture criminals.

The radio is also used to inform people about the latest events of the world. If a war breaks out anywhere, news about it is sent to all the countries of the world. Thus, all the countries are informed almost at the same time.

Further, the radio is an important means of entertaining people in all parts of the world. Music played in one country can be heard in another country thousands of miles of away. In this respect, the radio is superior to television. Even a man driving a motor-car can listen to beautiful music if he has radio in his car. But it is not possible to watch television inside a motor vehicle while one is driving.

The importance of the radio is therefore not difficult to realize.

Convey = make known
Criminals = those who have broken the law
Entertain = amuse, interest
Inform = given news, let know
Popular = common
Realize = understand
Superior = better than

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