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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By daigai
#893138 A street quarrel I have seen

Walking in street – Suddenly saw two men quarreling – Stopped – One took out knife and stabbed the other – Big crowd – Man with knife tried to run away – Some people caught him – Police arrived – Arrested man with knife – Sent wounded man to hospital

While walking along a street, one day, I came across two men quarrelling with each other. They were of the same age.

Thinking that it would be a fun to watch them quarrelling. I stopped to find out the cause of their quarrel, and to see how it would end.

Soon the quarrel became so violent that one of the men suddenly took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed the other man with it. Now a big crowd collected quickly. The man who had been stabbed was bleeding profusely.

Seeing the crowd, the man with the knife tried to run away; but some people quickly caught him.

The police soon arrived on the scene in answer to a telephone call made by someone who had seen the fight. They arrested the man who had used the knife, and sent the wounded man to the hospital.

I then returned home thinking of what I had seen.

Violent = strong
Profusely = too much
Arrested = caught.

A sad event
Walking with friend in a field – Sudden rain and lightning – Began to run for shelter – Friend struck by lightning – Fell to ground – Rushed him to hospital – Recovered after long time – Still can not walk properly – Very sad.

One evening, a friend of mine and I were walking leisurely in a large field, some distance away from our homes.

As we walked we also talked a great deal. We were so absorbed in the subjects we were talking about that we did not notice the dark clouds which were gathering in the sky.

Suddenly, it began to rain heavily. There was also much lightning. My friend and I now began to run for shelter. Within minutes, however, my friend fell to the ground after being struck by lightning. He could not move his limbs and I was frightened.

Without wasting time, I stopped a taxi and rushed my friend to the nearest hospital. He remained in hospital for several weeks to recover from the shocks and burns he had received from the lightning. But he has still not recovered completely. Even today he is unable to walk steadily.

This was indeed a very sad event, and I felt very sorry for my friend.

Limbs = hands and legs
Leisurely = slowly
Recover = get well
Absorbed = interested
Steadily = strongly
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