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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By daigai
Frightful dream – Monster with long teeth attacked village – Killed many people – Ate some – People ran about in fear – Much noise – Monster attacked me – Screamed – Woke up – only a dream – Relieved.

One night, after a heavy meal, I went to bed late. It was hot and I felt very uneasy.

When at last I fell asleep, I however had a very frightful dream. I saw a monster with long sharp teeth attack my village. It had a great appetite. It ate a number of the people it had killed.

It was indeed a terrible sight. There was blood all around, and the frightened villagers were running about in all directions, making a lot of noise.

At last the monster began to come towards me. I was so terrified that I gave out a loud scream.

I now woke up, and was greatly relieved to find that the danger I was in was not real. It was just one of my wild dreams.

Monster = frightful figure
Appetite = liking to eat

An unpleasant night

Notes: One night – Rain – Felt happy – Could sleep well – Went to bed – Suddenly water in room – Bed wet – Got up – Roof leaking – Soon room filled with water – Tried hard to save things – No sleep after that – Unpleasant night.

One hot night it suddenly began to rain. I felt very happy, expecting to have a sound and pleasant sleep.

I went to bed and covered myself with a blanket. Then, to my surprise, water began to flow into my room, and my bed soon became wet. I quickly got out of bed to find out how the water was getting in.

I soon noticed that the roof of my house was leaking. My room was rapidly becoming filled with water. I began to work at once to save my things from the water.

I could hardly sleep afterwards. What had been supposed to be a pleasant night had turned out to be the most unpleasant one in my whole life.

Sound = deep
Rapidly = soon
Unpleasant = bad.

An unpleasant dream I once had

The outline:
1. When?
2. What kind of dream?
3. Why it was unpleasant?
4. The end

I have dreams almost every night. One dream, however, frightened me greatly. It was indeed a horrible one.

One day, after a hearty meal, I went out for a short walk. I was alone on a lonely road near a grave-yard. I was thinking of my lessons when I suddenly heard a voice calling me. I looked back and saw an old lady grinning at me. She had long filthy hair. Her face was covered with blood and her nails were very long. She was wearing a white dress. I just stared at her in fear. I dared not move or try to run. I saw her walking towards me. I was too frightened to move. Her long hands then began to stretch out to catch me. I heard her laughing at the same time. It was a horrible sound and my body turned cold. Just before she could catch me, however, I made a desperate effort to run. But she was behind me and almost caught me. I now screamed.

As soon as I screamed, however, I woke up to find that I had only been dreaming. It was a great relief indeed.

Desperate = losing all hope
Grinning = showing the teeth while smiling
Horrible = frightening
Relief = lessening of fear

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