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By cnjuding
#892051 Do you think that the United Nations Organization perform a useful function in promoting peace and happiness in the world?
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A successor to the former League of Nations, the United Nation Organization has played a unique role in international relations, since its inception at the end of the Second World War.

The failure of the League of Nations to live up to the ideals of peace and harmony among nations revealed many weaknesses and deficiencies in that organization, which could not prevent bellicosity or belligerency. But leaders of the world were determined to continue their efforts for the prevention of further wars, and it was this aspiration for peace that led to the creation, without another world was, and the tremendous expansion of its international activities, indicates that the United Nations Organization has not only acquired viability but also achieved a considerable measure of success in the pursuit of peace. Today, the activities of this organization extend to all fields of human endeavor.

It is true, however, that wars have been fought in various parts of the world such as the Korean and Congo Wars, despite the existence of this large organization, whose members include almost all the important countries of the world, including Communist China, who had at one time earned the odium of many countries as the instigator of wars. Wars have also been fought between its own members, in defiance of one of its main principles forbidding wars among its members. Even today there is a war in Bosnia and perhaps there will be more wars in the future; but the armed intervention of the United Nations Organization in all the major conflicts has at least restricted the wars to certain areas and removed the threat of another world war. In many cases the United Nations has also been able to persuade the belligerent parties to cease fighting and agree to settle their political differences by negotiations. This fact itself proves the usefulness of this organization, though doubts have been expressed in certain quarters about its effectiveness.

The United Nations Organization has also made a great contribution to the advancement of the people of the world. Through its subsidiary organs, such as the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (U.N.E.S.C.O.) it has extended its activities to the remotest regions of the earth. It has at its disposal the services of a large number of specialists of all nationalities, who are sent round the world to contribute their talent, experience and knowledge to the welfare of the human race. These specialists have worked with a missionary zeal in the countries to which they were sent, and as a result of their work and advice, many countries have made tremendous progress in all spheres of national life. Doctors, scientists and educationalists from the United Nations, as well as the financial aid that this organization has given to several countries have played their part in promoting the happiness and welfare of the people of the world.

It is therefore hard to deny that the United Nations does perform a useful function in the promotion of peace and happiness in the world.

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