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By daigai
#890924 Until a few decades ago news traveled very slowly. It took several days to know what was happening in places only a few miles away. But today news travels at a speed much greater than ever before.

In the past men had to travel on root to get information, even about the most unimportant thing. There were no motorcycles and travel was slow and difficult. As a result, news too traveled very slowly. If one’s relative died in some distant place, one received the news of the death days later. Sometimes there was no news at all. The difficulty in getting news and information about people in other places made life dull and miserable. There was little communication among those whom we would regard as neighbors today. News was therefore difficult to send and in times of need, it was hard to obtain help.

But all this has changed today. The invention of the means of communication such as the telephone, the wireless and several others has made it possible to send and receive news within a matter of hours and minutes. Even the newspaper and the post office Giúp to spread news and information quickly. As a result, we know what is happening today in all parts of the world. If a great man dies or a war breaks out in some corner of the earth, we receive news about it almost immediately. The ease and speed with which news travels today have helped greatly in promoting better understanding and co-operation among the peoples of the world. When the people of one place or country suffer a sudden calamity, news is at once sent to all parts of the world and Giúp comes from many countries within a very short time. This is not possible in the past when news traveled slowly.

That news travels fast can also be known from our own personal affairs. If we are ill or if something unfortunate happens to us, our friends and relatives come to know about it very quickly. It is therefore true to say that today, “news travels fast”.

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