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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By rica17
#890741 An autobiography of a car

The Outline:
1.Where I was made
2.What work I do
3.How men treat me
4.Happy or sad

I was born in a country in Europe. I do not, however, know who my parents are. All that I know is that, the various parts of my body came not from one country but from several different lands.

I am made of steel, iron, rubber and cloth. The rubber in my body came from a tropical country. The iron and steel came from a tropical country. The iron and steel came from some other lands. The cloth in my body also came from an unknown land. Thus, I am a world citizen. The world is my country.

I drink different kinds of oil which I need to run. Oil is not only my drink but also my food. But I can live without it for days and years, if I do not have to run.

Men use me to move about. They sit inside by body. They have full control over me. They take me in any direction they like. Sometimes I have to run very fast and sometimes very slowly. Sometimes I have to run day and night.

In short, I have no freedom. All my activities are controlled by man. This often makes me feel very sad indeed.
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