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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By rica17
#890738 A thief in my room

Notes: Sleeping in my room – Sleep disturbed by some movement in room – Switched on light – Saw thief with knife – Thief warned not to make noise – Threatened to kill if disobeyed – Thief walked out of room – Shouted – Too late.

One night my sleep was suddenly disturbed by a noise in my room. I then got out of bed quickly and switched on the light.

To my surprise, I saw a man standing in the corner of my room with a knife in his hand. I knew that he was a thief. I asked him what he wanted.

The thief warned me not to raise the alarm. He even threatened to kill me if I made any noise. I was frightened and made no attempt to catch the thief or to call for help.

The thief then quietly walked out of my room. He had found nothing valuable to steal. I then shouted for help; but the thief had disappeared into the darkness.

How I helped to catch thieves

Notes: Walking in street – Saw many things – Suddenly saw two boys stealing in a shop – Shouted – Boys surprised – Ran – Some people caught them – Police arrived – Took the boys – Owner of shop thanked me – Gave a hundred dollars.

One afternoon I was walking along the street, looking at all the beautiful things in the shop that were displayed for sale.

Suddenly, I saw two boys stealing from a shop. At once I began to shout, “Thief! Thief!” The boys were surprised and frightened. They tried to run away but they were caught at once by some people who were near by.

The owner of the shop was then telephoned the Police station. When the police arrived, they took the two boys with them after asking a few questions.

The owner of the shop was pleased with me. He called me into his shop. He then thanked me for what I had done to catch the thieves. He also gave me a one-hundred-dollar note.

I was now pleased with myself. I had not only helped the owner of the shop but also the police a little in catching thieves.

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