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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By rica17
The outline
1. First feelings
2. What things I would buy
3. What else I would do
4. The end

A thousand dollars, to a girl of my age, is indeed a big sum of money. If I had such a large sum of money, I would do a variety of things.

First, I would buy some pretty clothes for myself. I would go round the shops and look for the latest fashion in clothes. I would spend the money carefully on clothes. I would spend my money carefully as I would not get so much money easily again.

Then, I would buy some jewelry to beautify myself. I would buy a ring and a small necklace. This would cost me about half the money I had.

I would then buy a pen for my father and a nice hand-bag for my mother. These things would certainly make my parents happy.

After that, I would spend a few dollars for my brothers and sisters’ sake. I would take them to a cinema in the town so that they might enjoy themselves a little. I would also buy them some drinks and sweets.

If some money still remained, I would buy a good book for myself. The rest of the money I would keep in my savings account to use in the future. Thus, the money would not be spent carelessly.

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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By rica17
#890735 Story Is One Thousand Dollar English Literature Essay

Old Bryson was a calm, anti-social man, about forty years old. Gillian say to Old Bryson Ire just come from a meeting with my late uncle’ lawyer. He leaves we an even thousand dollars?”. After this, Gillian found Miss Lauriere and many of people. I like for one person has Gillian meet is blind man. Gillian found a blind man sat on the side walk selling pencils. Gillian ask him “ Excuse me, but would you mind telling me what you would do if you had a thousand dollars?”. The blind man took a small book from his coat pocket and hold it out. Gillian opened it and saw that if was a bank deposit book. A blind man have one thousand seven hundred eighty-five dollars in his bank account. Finally, Gillson said to my late uncle’ lawyer “ I lost the thousand dollars on the races”. So funny for this short story.

The One Thousand Dollars by O.Henry is the best short story. In short story the main character is Mr Gillian. The theme of One Thousand Dollars we have to understand about how to manage the money. Mr Gillian liability to manage money him uncles after he died so him are required to provide us with a report of how him used this one thousand dollar as soon as him have spent it. Mr Gillian is very honest person, benevolent and him like listen other opinion from him friends for manage him uncles money.

One Thousand Dollars Mr Gillian can open our minds how to make this decision because of the decisions we make have to think about the good and bad to us and those who are around us. We also need to trust in managing the money that has been entrusted to us. The moral of the story we have to be smart to manage financial.


Types of setting minor in the short story One Thousand Dollars is at the club Gillian. There, the main character introduced as a named Mr.Gillian was meet Old Bryson in a reading corner. Secondly, Mr.Gillian went to the stage entrance of the Columbine There was meet his lover is a Miss Lauriere. There Miss Lauriere was preparing for her performance. Thirdly, Mr.Gillian in a cab and speaks with drivers. Then, Mr.Gillian got out of the cab and meet a blind man on the sidewalk that selling pencils. Mr.Gillian be from one place to another place is to asked somebody about the money a thousand dollars. Lastly for unimportant to the plot during the end of short story Mr.Gillian waiting for the elevator.

Types of settings major is at offices Tolman and Sharp. There, the lawyer Tolman give the thin package of fifty-dollar bills to Mr. Gillian and required Mr. Gillian for make a report about how to used one thousand dollars. There is also, Mr. Gillian present a report to the lawyer. This is a important part of the short story.

The characters is a part of setting is Mr. Gillian. He is a main character for this story because he change over the course of the story. In the short story, Mr. Gillian strive to provide report how to used one thousand dollars with a view to obtaining the fifty thousand dollars. But, his report unsatisfied and caused lost the fifty thousand dollars.


Attempt is the character takes action to reach his goal. The main character in the short story is Mr. Gullian. He was takes action for provide his report how to use one thousand dollars. He went to meet and asked his friend known as Old Bryson, cab driver, a blind man about what you do with a thousand dollars if they had it. His goal is get more than one thousand dollars. Therefore, he always think the best way use the money one thousand dollars for his report.


Figurative : “Even fifty dollars would have been loss trable”

Interesting : I have funny story to tell you, said Gillian

“ I thought the late Septimus Gillian was worth something like half a million, said Old Bryson showed very little interest.

Gillian laid the money beside her hand on the desk. Miss Hayden turned white. "Oh!" she said. And again, "Oh!"

Gillian half turned and looked out the window. In a low voice he said, "I suppose, of course, that you know I love you."

"I am sorry," said Miss Hayden, as she picked up her money.

"There is no use?" asked Gillian, almost light-heartedly.

"I am sorry," she said again.

"May I write a note?" asked Gillian, with a smile. Miss Hayden supplied him with paper and pen, and then went back to her writing table.

Gillian wrote a report of how he spent the thousand dollars: “Paid by Robert Gillian, one thousand dollars on account of the eternal happiness, owed by Heaven to the best and dearest woman on earth."
Textually Implicit Text

In this story, Young Gillian is a playboy. He clearly wastes money at clubs and on showgirls. Gillian spends the money well gives it to the woman he loves (even though she doesn't love him).He finds out that if he spent the money to the woman he loves. Gillian shows the best side of love here. He knows that Miriam will not love him no matter how rich he is. So he sacrifices his happiness for hers. This text is textually implicit because we have to use the information in the story to make inferences about the characters actions and goal.

"One thousand dollars," said the lawyer Tolman, in a severe and serious voice. "And here is the money.”

Young Gillian touched the thin package of fifty-dollar bills and laughed.

"It's such an unusual amount," he explained, kindly, to the lawyer. “If it had been ten thousand a man might celebrate with a lot of fireworks. Even fifty dollars would have been less trouble."

"You heard the reading of your uncle's will after he died," continued the lawyer Tolman. "I do not know if you paid much attention to its details. I must remind you of one. You are required to provide us with a report of how you used this one thousand dollars as soon as you have spent it. I trust that you will obey the wishes of your late uncle."

"You may depend on it," said the young man respectfully.
Textually Explicit Text

In this story, Young Gillian is upset his wealthy uncle left him with $1000 with strings attached. His hope was that his nephew would change his shallow ways. He must spend the $1000 and prove to the lawyers he didn’t spend it on something frivolous. He spends the whole day trying to figure out how to do that. This text have the relationship with the goal is stated in the text.

“Now, Mr. Gillian, Mr. Sharp and I will examine your report of the one thousand dollars.”

Mr. Tolman reached for the envelope. Gillian was a little quicker in taking it up. He calmly tore the report and its cover into pieces and dropped them into his pocket.

"It's all right," he said, smilingly. "There isn't a bit of need to bother you with this. I don't suppose you would understand these itemized bets, anyway. I lost the thousand dollars on the races. Good-day to you, gentlemen."

Tolman and Sharp shook their heads mournfully at each other when Gillian left. They heard him whistling happily in the hallway as he waited for the elevator.Scriptally Implicit Text

In the text, the relationship between one thousand dollar, its final observation that one thousand dollar, he spent the money to get love is not made explicit. The conclusion he will double her happiness by a white lie at the end of the story, by telling that he had spent the money gambling.


Young Gillian is characterized as something of a playboy. He clearly wastes money at clubs and on showgirls. His uncle has not liked this about him and has left him $1,000. Gillian doesn't know this, but if he spends it well, he gets $50,000 and if he doesn't he gets nothing more. Gillian spends the money well -- gives it to the woman he loves (even though she doesn't love him). Then he finds out about the $50,000. He finds out that if he spent the money badly, the $50,000 goes to the woman he loves. When he hears this, he lies and says he wasted the money. Gillian shows the best side of love here. He knows that Miriam will not love him no matter how rich he is. So he sacrifices his happiness for hers.


In the literary criticism we have to identify the main character Mr Gillian. Mr Gillian is good person but him don’t know how him manage this one thousand dollars in him life. He meet with various partners who have different backgrounds so they give different opinion but him not accept they opinion because their ideas do not same with the requirements. Mr. Gillian began to feel confused as to what he would do. Mr. Gillian feels he can to manage the money properly. But Mr. Gillian not affords to bear the responsibilities given by his uncle.

Firstly, went I reading this short story I started thinking about what Mr. Gillian to manage his late uncle's money. Then when he started to ask friends so I feel him can choosing which of the opinion will be accept by Mr. Gillian but lastly I feel so angry because Mr. Gillian already using the money in horse racing.

A money given was to use the money to get the love for a woman. Although he had to cheat lawyer for money that is used to obtain the happiness of his love. Thus, the lesson from this story is that we should be good at financial planning us toward those things that are beneficial. Let the money is properly planned so that the money available to be spent on worthwhile things. Act of cheating should be avoided. Therefore, we must be wise and clever in managing our own lives.
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