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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By rica17
#890724 Frightened by buffaloes

Notes: Sitting on tree – Looked around – Beautiful view – Happy – Suddenly saw buffaloes – Frightened – Could not climb down – Waited – Growing dark – Buffaloes still near by – Owner of buffaloes came – Took buffaloes home – Climbed down.

One afternoon I was sitting on a tree and admiring the beauty of the scenery around. Indeed, I was in a very happy mood.

Then, to my extreme surprise, I saw a number of fierce-looking large buffaloes near the tree. I had always been afraid of these animals. The buffaloes were so near to the tree, filling me with fright.

Having no courage to climb down the tree, I waited for several hours until it was growing dark. The buffaloes, however, seemed to enjoy being at the spot. They would not leave.

At last, the owner of the buffaloes arrived. I kept quiet so as not to draw his attention. He took the buffaloes home.

I then climbed down the tree and returned home, greatly relieved.

Essay topic: Frightened by fierce natives

Notes: Visited large island with friends – Many trees and coconut palms there – Many rocks – Many crabs and shells in rocks – Caught crabs – Everything interesting – Happy – Suddenly saw natives behind trees – Fierce looking – Frightened – Rushed back home.

One day, a few of my friends and I visited a large island. We went there by boat.

There were many trees and coconut palms and rocks on that island. The birds and flowers found there were indeed very beautiful.

There were also many crabs of all types and sizes hidden in the rocks. We caught a number of them. We also picked a lot of beautiful shells. In brief, everything on that island was interesting to see, and my friends and I were very happy.

Then, to our surprise, we saw some fierce-looking natives hiding behind some trees with spears in their hands. Though they did not seem to be eager to attack us, yet we were frightened.

Thinking that it would be dangerous to remain on that island too long, my friends and I quickly ran back to our boats and returned home.

Hidden = could not be seen
Dangerous = not safe
Returned = came back; went back
Frightened = afraid

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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By rica17
#890733 A frightful experience Một lần bị dọa
Notes: One afternoon - Swimming in sea - Was enjoying - Many swimmers - Sudden cries - Looked back - Saw shark - shocked - Much excitement - Screams - All rushed out of water - No one attacked - No more swimming

One afternoon I was enjoying a swim in the sea together with hundreds of other swimmers.

Suddenly, I heard some frightful cries. I knew at once that some of the swimmers had seen something in the water. I looked back, and what I saw struck terror into my heart. A huge shark was coming towards the shore as if to catch one of the swimmers. However, it was still some distance away.

There was now a lot of excitement, as women and children were screaming and struggling to reach safely on land.

Fortunately, no one was attacked by the shark, for everyone had rushed out of the water in time. I too felt safe only when I reached land.

Since that day, I have never had the courage to go for a swim in the sea. It was indeed a very frightful experience.
Hình đại diện của thành viên
By rica17
#890739 Frightened by a snake on my body

Frightened by a snake on my body (A frightening experience)

Notes: Tired after game – Rested under tree – Closed eyes – fell asleep – sudden movement on body – Opened eyes – Surprised – Snake crawling across body – Held breath – Did not disturb it – Snake gone – Relieved.

After a game of football, one afternoon, I felt very tired and sat under a tree for a short rest.

I leaned myself against the tree and closed my eyes. Within minutes, I fell asleep.

I had not slept long when I felt a sudden movement on my body. I opened my eyes slowly to see what it was. To my surprise and horror, I saw a large snake crawling across my body.

I did not lose my wits. I knew what I had to do in such a situation. It would certainly be an act of stupidity to disturb the snake. I therefore remained still, holding my breath as long as I could and allowed the creature to crawl across my body.

Shortly, the snake was gone and I felt greatly relieved. No longer do I sleep or rest under a tree.
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