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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By rica17
#890714 Talk about a horrible sight you experienced.

On the main roads of West Malaysia accidents occur almost every day. Most of them are caused by young drivers who are long of speed. The recklessness has caused the death of even careful drivers. What I am about to relate concerns the death of some young people, resulting from the reckless driving of a young man.

On the day in question, I was traveling with my brother to Ipoh. As my brother’s car was old, he had to drive slowly. We left Singapore, our hometown, very early in the morning, so that we could reach our destination before dark. The slow journey soon made me so tired that I fell asleep. However, we broke our Journey at Yong Peng, a small town in Johore, for some refreshment. When we resumed our journey, we saw a number of badly damaged vehicles in front of the Police Station of that town. My brother then began to talk about the various accidents that he had seen on that road. I began to grow uneasy about the rest of the journey. My brother had told me that most of the accidents occurred within a few miles of that town. I now began to fear for our own safety. Then, suddenly, a car, running at great speed, overtook our car. My brother then predicted that the car would be involved in an accident soon. After that my heart began to beat fast.

The car was soon out of sight. My brother, however, assured me that I would have an opportunity to see a very bad accident, and sure enough, we soon arrived at a distressing scene.

The car that had overtaken our car was in a ditch and four young girls were lying dead on the road-side. Their faces and clothes were covered with blood. Some people were trying to extricate the other occupants, including the young driver, who were still alive in the car. But all of a sudden, the car was on fire, and their efforts failed. Thus, the occupants in the car were burnt alive, and it is was indeed heart-rending to hear their last screams. Soon a fire engine and the police arrived with an ambulance, but it was too late.

This was indeed a horrible sight, and even today the mention of accidents reminds me of those piteous screams of the dying ones in that car.
Hình đại diện của thành viên
By rica17
#890717 Talk about a frightening experience

I am not one who is frightened easily :tease:; but I must admit that one night I saw a figure that struck terror into my heart.
I remembered a moon-lit night when I was walking home on foot. I had to go on foot a few miles from a town. It was the first night of my whole life that I was alone in such a late time. There were often few people in the road at night. On that day, it seemed quieter in my consideration. Even during the day, the road was used by only some who worked in the rubber and banana plantations. While I was walking, I could hear some noises made by squirrels, insects and owls. They are creatures that love the night world. In the dark, I could see bats. There were hundreds of them in the shadows. I had a stick in my hand and moved really fast towards home. It was partly because I was hungry. I therefore moved rapidly for a dinner. All of a sudden, I caught a sight of an old lady in a short distance away. Her head was covered with a white cloth. She was waving to me, I think.

I was a bit curious. I wanted to know why she was there at that time of the late night. I stopped walking for a while. As I stood there, vague memories of stories about ghosts began to come back to my mind one after another. I was soon gripped with fear and took to my heels. I ran as fast as I could, and when I reached home I could hardly speak.

On the next day, however, I visited that place again to make sure that the woman was indeed a real person and not a ghost. But I could find no footprints there. Only a banana plant stood there with its leaves moving in the breeze. I realized then that it was the banana plant with its leaves moving in the breeze that looked like a woman waving her hand. I had indeed made a fool of myself; but after the previous night’s experience, this discovery was small relief to me.

Your most frightening experience

My worst experience happened on an airplane a long time ago.

After graduating from High-School in Hue, I was quite happy when my parents allowed me to continue my study in Saigon.

Living far from my family, I longed for an opportunity to see my dear people again and at that time the best way to travel to Hue was to use DC2 or DC4 planes. It took me only one and a half hours to fly from Tan Son Nhat airport to Phu Bai Airport. I often enjoyed comfortable and pleasant flights, but one day during my air trip to Hue I experienced the most frightening incident I have ever had in my life.

It was in the winter when I received a letter from my parents informing me off my sister’s approaching wedding ceremony. I hurried to Vietnam Airline Office to buy a return-ticket to Hue. I boarded a DC4 plane that morning. When I was flying over Nha Trang city, it began to rain.

Looking out of the window, I saw Nha Trang surrounded in a dense veil of rain. We were making good time; but when we flew to Da Nang the weather suddenly got worse. It was raining heavily and the wind was blowing furiously. I was a little nervous. The plane was all right for about 30 minutes. I was listening to the music on the plane’s radio. Other passengers were talking. The stewardesses were serving drinks and food to the passengers. Looking out of the window, I saw masses of dense black clouds flying past and Hai Van pass was veiled in a curtain of heavy rain, dimly winding below. Suddenly lightning struck one of the engines. The plane dropped rapidly. Some people were screaming and the stewardesses were falling down. From the cabin the co-pilot’s voice was heard to advise passengers to fasten their seat-belts and keep calm. Looking around, I notice some nuns taking out their rosaries and starting to say prayers. Their faces were as pale as death.

Though I was a hardened traveler and I got used to remaining calm, I felt quite frightened too. My heart was beating very fast and I was trembling with fear. I thought I was going to die. But my fear did not last long. After about 3 minutes, the pilot started the engine again. Everybody on board heaved a deep sigh of relief. We landed safely at last.

I had to cancel my return to Saigon by plane and took a sea voyage and from that time on I have never traveled by air when the weather is bad.
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