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By daigai
#890099 Describe some of the interesting places in your country

Though my country is small, yet there are many places of interest spread throughout the country.

In the southern most part of the country, where the state of Johore lies, there are some very interesting and beautiful places. In Kota Tinggi, for example, there are beautiful waterfalls which are visited by many people everyday. Then, there is Johore Lama, a place of great historical interest. In Johore Bahru, there is a beautiful beach which is visited daily by several people who love the sea. In Batu Pahat, another town in Johore, is Minyak Buku, an interesting place on the coast.

As we go towards the north, we arrive at Malacca, the oldest town that the Europeans occupied in Malaya in the past. The influences of the Portuguese and the Dutch can still be seen in many of the buildings there.

Further north lies Port Dickson which is well known for its beautiful beaches.

In Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, there are many places of interest such as Batu Caves, the zoo and the museum. The city itself is an interesting place to visit.

Another beautiful town is Penang, situated on an island. The sea around it makes it the most beautiful town in the country.

Finally, the paddy fields in the northern most parts of the country are also very beautiful and interesting to look at. On the east coast of the country too, there are some beautiful towns such as Kuantan and Kuala Trenganu. All these places have indeed made my country an interesting place to live in.

Why Newzealanders should visit in Herzegovina?

When we talk about the tourism and especially about the New Zealander tourists, we must say that they are very mature in this field. The things they want to visit are often extraordinarily splendid and have their strong historical background as well. Herzegovina is also such a place that the Newzealanders often want to visit. Herzegovina contains almost every kind of tourism attraction and there are so many destinations throughout Herzegovina that fascinate the tourists from the New Zealand. The major worth looking places in the country are actually a blend of natural and cultural heritage. There is a broad range of heritage, landscapes, culture, customs and every kind of people.

Most interesting places to visit:

The most interesting and the eye capturing places in the country include Mostar, the center of pilgrimages of Medjugorje, Sutjeska National Park, the Orthodox monastery of Trvdos and the Kravice waterfalls. Two sites in Herzegovina have been included in the Unesco’s World hertage list. These are the Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad and the Old Bridge Area of the Old City of Mostar.

Worth visiting cities:

When you are at tour of Herzegovina, there is several worth seeing cities that you must visit. The most famous city of Herzegovina amongst the Newzealanders is Mostar. Mostar is considered the unofficial capital of Herzegovina and it is the only city of Herzegovina that has more than 100,000 citizens. All the other cities in Herzegovina are not that big but still they have strong historical background and are very famous in the tourists. We can take an example of Stolac which is the oldest city in Herzegovina. In the Paleolithic period, settlements had been there. Daorson is another city which had Ilyric tribe as its inhabitant. There had been many Roman settlements that lived alongside the river Bregava. In Radimilja stecak name stone grave monuments are amongst the most beautiful monuments around the world. These are the most attraction capturing things that Herzegovina has for the New Zealand tourists. On the river Trebišnjica, Trebinje is located which is the historical and the most beautiful city of the Herzegovina. The rivers in the Capljina and Ljubuski have famous historical tales that attract the tourists to visit these great places. For many Croats and the Catholics the Medugorje village is very much famous due to its importance regarding religion.

Tourism in Herzegovina:

Like Kravica falls there are many other such beautiful and famous natural landmarks that distinct Herzegovina from other parts of the world. There are other natural waterfalls that include the one near the Ljubuški city which has become a famous spot for tourists and the local people as well. They often enjoy bath in the hot weather of Herzegovina in these waterfalls or may just enjoy the view that they present. The moist important bird reserve in Europe which is also making its place in the international ornithologists is located in the city of Hutovo Blato. Another famous thing is the mouth of Balagaj. It is very famous amongst the Newzealanders and is considered as the origin of the river Buna.

10 Best Adventure Places In India Tourism Essay

India is more advantageous place than any other country in the world to host adventure activities, whether it is a safari in a nature reserve, a camel ride through the desert or a trek through the mountains. India has lots of adventure hotspots that draw many adventure enthusiasts to India. Adventure and water sports like trekking, mountaineering, rafting and rock climbing, kayaking, snorkeling; and scuba diving are done in many places in India.

At 7000 feet, Darjeeling is in the northern part of West Bengal. The Museum of Natural History is an interesting place in Darjeeling. It is known for its varied wildlife. Other places you can consider visiting are Dhirdam temple, Aloobaari Monastery, Bhutia Bustee Monastery and Ava Art gallery.

Gulmarg- "the meadow of flowers" is in the Himalayas. Gulmarg provides brilliant chances for long walks. You can also go sight seeing to Nanga Parbat and Haramukh. The Valley of Kashmir will not fail to delight you.

Jim Corbett National Park is set in the foothills of Himalayas. Here you can take part in the adventure sports like, jungle safaris, wildlife camps and jungle camps.Manali has umpteen temples, monasteries, passes, waterfalls, landscapes which always attract tourists. An idyllic place offers escapades like skiing, hiking and trekking.

The Zanskar valley is located across the Suru Valley and over the Pensi La in the Ladakh province of Jammu and Kashmir. You trek from Leh, Darcha from Padum to the Markha valley or Pentse La from Panikhar or Rangdum into the valley of Zanskar from Lamayuru,.

Dodital sets in the Uttarkashi district of the Garhwal. You will get excellent opportunities of trekking. Dodi Lake is well-known for trout and Mahseer fishing.Leh is known as a trekker's paradise in North India.Polo is a well-liked activity in Leh. Leh-Manali highway offers scenic and pictorial landscapes. Rafting in the Zanskar River at Leh will be a delightful experience.

Rishikesh is settled in the northern part of the state of Uttaranchal. For venture lovers, rapids and rivers of Rishikesh are excellent sports. Rishikesh also plays a role as a base for trekking camps.

Auli dwells towards the north of the state of Uttaranchal. The part of Garhwal mountain range is formed by Auli. Auli is the destination where skiing is a popular activity. Para sailing is quiet a famous sport which is carried out in Billing. The place is located in Kangra Valley at 8500 feet.

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