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By daigai
#890003 What is the job of a human resources manager?

The person who is a human resources manager is Mary Brown. She has, in her opinion, a very good job in a big company. Right now she is in a class, teaching her students. The students are not children but adults. They are learning how to administrate workers, how to talk with them and even how to Giúp them to work effectively. In other words her students are managers. The managers are discussing problems and ways to solve them in order to meet the workers’ questions. In her class, she always illustrates what she teaches by giving a lot of practical situations in her lecture.

She clearly knows that workers are people. It is undoubted that happy people work better and are more productive than unhappy ones. Her job as well as her responsibility is to keep both the workers and the managers always in good mood. She motivates and encourages the workers. She is doing a good job and earns good money. Her company gets twenty percent more profit now than it got before.

Mary Brown is now in her office, sitting at her desk. Many job applications from people who desire to work for her company as workers are lying on the desk. She receives letters from workers and managers everyday.

Now it is 5pm. It is the end of a working day. She is tired and she is going to go home. It is going to be dark outside some more minutes later. A worker is saying good night to her, she is wishing the same to him. Despite the tiredness, she is smiling since she knows that the worker is happy and her day ends in such a good way.
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