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By daigai
#889683 The film “Journey to the West” always fascinates me though I have seen it many times. It is a fairy story about the long journey make by four people to the place of Buddha. They have overcome eighty-one challenges and beaten many wicked people to get true Buddhism books for saving mankind from fighting each other aggressively. Above all, it leads us to the realization of human individual desertions and our long life self-training process to get rid of the selfishness to perfect ourselves.

The combination of the East’s body of folklores and the book of the same title written by Wu Cheng'en makes the plot of “Journey to the West”. It is considered a great work of Chinese filmmakers, gathering over a hundred actors and beautiful actresses. Among them is the talented Liu Xiao Ling Tong who plays the active and faithful monkeyman Sun Wukong, the hero of the film besides the exemplary monk - Xuanzang, the pigman - Zhu Bajie and monsterman - Sha Wujing. The film’s background is set in the year BC with the scences of paradise, hell, the waterworld and man from other majestic holylands. This famous film shows the good preparation and good imagination of human beings.

In short, besides its success in art, the film, in fact, advises man to live a nicer life.
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