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By daigai
#889681 An interesting program which you heard on the radio

I always look forward to Sunday afternoons because there are some interesting programs on the radio. School children take part in the children’s program. There will be sound track of popular film hit. Very often this is the program which we all wait anxiously at home. Lat week, there was a very good program of a famous play.

The story is simply this. There were two friends. They loved the same girl without being aware. The girl loved only one of them. As the story progressed, the lovers found out that the girl he loved was also loved by his friend and that the girl also loved his friend. So he sacrificed his love, for the sake of his friend. Thereafter he looked upon the girl as his own sister.

The play was a dramatic expression in music terms. The “sacrifice” was described on effective words, which conveyed a sense of reality so much that the characters seemed to emerge as real people. The emotional discords in my mind were removed by the power of harmony in the play and established a sense of tranquility and peace. Such programs will certainly enliven the daily routine of the average man with a much-needed break. It was a heart warming program.

The choreography has been provided by some famous cine artists of Malaysia. The dialogue had been written by a famous director. The tempo of the theme was kept up. The light music had been entertaining. One could enjoy the play very well without seeing it on film. The one hour entertainment was soon over, but its magic spell remained.

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