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By daigai
#889677 My favorite author is William Shakespeare, a man who has written enough for immortality.

Though a few hundred years have elapsed since the death of Shakespeare and volumes have been written on the life and work of this great writer, his early life still remains a subject for speculation and conjecture. It is generally believed that Shakespeare had very little schooling. Yet his keen intellect and mastery of language have earned for him the appreciation and applause of the literary world.

Shakespeare’s fame originates from his ability to identify his readers with the characters in his stories. In most of his stories we find Shakespeare had an insight into human nature and the problems of life. His tragedies such as “Macbeth” and “Hamlet” clearly show his deep knowledge of the human mind. Man’s ambition, desperation, sorrows, frustrations and hopes are dealt in these tragedies with such skill where the readers themselves experience all the mental conflicts and emotions. Thus they get better ideas about human nature. With equal skill, Shakespeare deals with man’s joys and pleasures in all his comedies. His comedies, like “Twelfth Night” and “As You Like It”, are a delight to read. Through the characters in his stories Shakespeare conveys his views on life and the world. Most of his characters, such as Hamlet, are vehicles for moral instruction. Man’s nature is the theme of all his writings. By a skilful combination of words and situations, he reveals the worst as well as the best in man. His choice of words is masterly and many of his phrases are literary gems. As man’s nature is his theme, what he wrote years ago remains true even today. It will remain so till the end of time. It is for all these reasons that I enjoy reading Shakespeare.

I do enjoy reading the works of other writers too, such as those of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen. However, they do not give the satisfaction that Shakespeare does. I find Shakespeare’s stories so interesting that I have read the same stories several times in last few years. Once I read the same story, I learn something new about human nature. Shakespeare was indeed a genius.
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