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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By daigai
You should say:

What do you do?
Who you do this with?
Where you do it?

And explain why you like to spend your free time this way.

Follow-up Questions:

What are some constructive leisure time activities?
How leisure time activities have changed in the last 10 years?
What type of activity you would suggest to your kids?

Possible Answer:
I have classes 5 days in a week, I attend a diploma course on Computing and I do some tutions as well and all of those activities and my study make my days busy. However, I maintain some leisure activities and in my off-day I go through a different routine.

I love to read books and maintain my own blog. Whenever I get time either I read books or write/ moderate my blog. Besides reading and writing for my blog, I play some indoor games with my friends and family members like chess, computer games etc. If it's an outdoor game, I play with my neighbours or friends.

I read book mostly in my study room and sometimes in the nearby library. I work on my computer to update my blogs. I mostly read fictions and historical books. The blog I maintain is mostly technology related and I add the details with images for my blog readers. I have made 2 of my friends moderator and they contribute in the blog as well.

I like to utilize my leisure time and enjoy very much what I do. Reading books is the most prudent investment of leisure time and I learn many things from reading. Maintaining a blog is a great way improving the writing and sharing knowledge and that helps me greatly to explore new things as I need to read a lot to generate ideas to write.

The indoor game like chess is a great way of passing time and also helps doing some brainstorming. I take part in the outdoor games to both enjoy the game and to keep my body and mind fresh and fit.
Tips for answering this cue card question:

Pick a leisure time activity that you usually do. You can talk about one of the following topics or the one you really do:

Take your parents or children outside for walking.
Play indoor games like chess, computer games etc.
Go out for walking, running or for other form of exercise.
Take care of the garden you have.
You visit your friends and spend time with them.
You watch TV, movies or listen to music.
You learn something like song, musical instrument, cooking, dancing, sports, art etc.
You do some freelancing jobs.
You write for your blogs and surf internet.
You read books.
You visit your relatives.
You spend time with your family members, Giúp them on household chores etc.
You actively participate in social works.
You go to the nearby park or open space for fresh air.
You have a hobby and you spend time for that.

Not necessarily you have to talk about one particular thing you do in your leisure time, you can say a combination of things you do in your leisure time like sometimes you surf internet, sometimes you go out for a walking and sometimes you spend time with your family members and Giúp them on their tasks.

People usually do their leisure activities from their interest, passion and need. So describe your reasons for doing things you do in your leisure time. Besides describe how you enjoy doing it and how it is beneficial for you.

You should also be able to talk about the following cue card topics you get prepared for this cue card:

1. Describe you hobby.
2. Describe how you like to spend your free time.
3. Talk about an activity you do.
4. Talk about how you spend your day-off.
5. Describe a thing you like to do.
6. Describe a healthy habit you have.
7. Describe how you Giúp your family members.
8. Describe something you do besides your study or job.
9. Describe an outdoor activity you perform.

I do many things everyday,. The things I enjoy doing most, however, are picking flowers and preparing my school lessons.

As a girl of fourteen years of age, I Giúp my mother everyday. My mother is a very religious lady. Every evening, before her prayers, I go out in search of flowers which she needs during her prayer. I must admit that looking for flowers around my house is a very pleasant exercise. I go to all our neighbors’ gardens where a great variety of flowers can be found. Our neighbors are very kind and they allow me to pick as many flowers as I like.

As I look at the flowers, I felt extremely happy. They are so beautiful and colorful that they make the gardens the best place to visit in our area. Once I am in these gardens I spend a long time to pick flowers because of the sheer pleasure of walking inside the gardens. Then, I return to the house with the best flowers that grow in these gardens, and my mother is always happy to see them. Thus, I must say that I enjoy picking flowers very much.

Preparing my school lessons also gives me a lot of pleasure. As I prepare them, I learn many things about the world and its affairs, past and present. I also learn about the people around us as well as those who are thousand of miles away in different lands across the oceans. Further, I learn more and more new words and phrases which Giúp me to express my own thoughts and feelings better. Besides, the knowledge that I acquire while preparing my lessons helps me to meet and talk with people with greater confidence. It is for these reasons that I like to prepare my lessons.

Thus, the things that I like to do most not only amuse my mind but also contribute to the extension of my knowledge.

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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By daigai
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One activity to do in spare time (watching television)

Give one of the activities you like to do in your spare time

Watching television is one of the activities I like to do in my spare time. I enjoy watching cartoons on Saturday mornings and sports programs on Sunday afternoons. I also watch television during the week after I have finished all my school work. At night, I especially like to watch movies and situation comedies. If I have a lot of homework, I try to arrange my schedule so that I can watch at least one of my favorite shows. Watching television is not the only activity that I do in my spare time. My other favorite activities are making paper flowers and going shopping with my friends. However, when I have spare time, I spend more time watching television than any other activities. Watching television can Giúp me not only relax but also build me a huge knowledge of the open world.
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