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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By daigai
#889510 Why I like to go to school

The outline:
1. what kind of place it is
2. the reason for going to school
3. How a school improves a person
4. Why I like school

School is a good place to learn things. In school, one can meet boys and girls form a variety of homes. Consequently, school is really an interesting place.

In school, pupils can acquire good knowledge of different kinds of subjects such as, Mathematics, Literature, Biology, Chemistry and many others. Learning much makes them cleverer and wiser. When they grow older, they will become good people.

In school, pupils learn how to have good behaviors towards elders as well as one another. Teachers always explain and give lecture on the importance of good manners. They also talk about how to develop good manners and behavior.

Again, pupils learn all kinds of games to develop their bodies and minds. They learn to be good, brave and hard-working and to think for themselves. They also learn to depend on themselves. All this helps to build up character which is very important to everyone.

As there are many pupils in a school, there is also much to learn from them about the people who live around us. Each pupil comes from a different kind of home. Some pupils come from poor families; some come from rich families; some have no parents; some have good parents and some have careless parents. Therefore, mixing with pupils from such a variety of homes helps one to learn a lot about human affairs.

It is for all these reasons that I like to go to school.
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