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By daigai
#889501 For students, purchasing or renting a home? Give your opinion.

Many find it advantageous to purchase a home, but others find renting more suited to their needs. While there are advantages for both options renting is generally the best choice for young students. Students often do not have money to buy a home and need to know that it will not be necessary to find a buyer for the home if they decide to transfer to another school or return home.

Owning a home provides a number of benefits. For example, a home owner can make more noise than someone who lives in an apartment without having to worry that every small noise might disturb neighbors. Unlike apartment dwellers, homeowners can also put holes in walls and redecorate without being concerned about losing part or all of a security deposit.

There are also benefits to renting. A renter is only tied down only by the terms of the rental agreement or lease. If a renter wants to move, it is not necessary to find a buyer. In addition, a renter does not have to provide a large down payment as does a home owner.

A student who plans to return home after college or who wishes to transfer to another school often cannot be tied down to a house. Consequently, renting is the answer for most young students.

At various times of their lives, people have different needs. While purchasing a home is often the best choice for somebody with an adequate income and roots in a community, for the reasons discussed, it is often not the most feasible choice for young students.

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