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By daigai
#889499 Suppose you could go to school where you wanted to. Which would you choose and why?

Given the choice I would choose the school out in the country for reasons which I put forth below.

Before actually stating “why” I shall say “why not”. Let me first state my case against a city school. Schools in cities are usually crowded and in crowded locations. Except for a few schools, many city schools are housed in drab, old houses with a slovenly atmosphere. The noise from outside will be abominable and since the school is crowded there cannot be much cordiality between the students. The question of transport from school to home and versa will be time consuming and at the same time sickening. One will have to start quite early and travel by crowded buses or trains and return home late. By the time one return home, there will not be time for play or relaxation. This almost mechanical life for six days in the week would tell on the nerves. A city school boy may have a swelled head figuratively, but his health and knowledge may not compare with a boy in a village who enjoys the rough and tumble of life.

In a small town the scope for learning outside the class may be little. The chances for reaction may be limited. The chances for wandering and to get lost may be limited. You are nobody in a city but you are easily recognized in a small town. So the scope for indulging in play and recreation may be limited unless provided by the school. There may be variety lacking in such schools. Different strata of society may not be represented there and the scope for knowing people at large will be limited. They have neither the knowledge of the country nor the variegated experiences one could have from a city.

What I visualize is a school in the country neither too far away from the city nor too near. The school must have proximity to a main road, so that mobility will not be a problem though it should not encourage travel often. The school must have surroundings maybe a hilly land or green fields with a river near by. There must be plenty of space to move about and play. One just be able to go about fishing or swimming or if one feels like it he must be able to wander. When I write this I have Thoreau’s “Walden” in mind where man could live free and feel one with nature, enjoying the cooing of birds, and restling of leaves. If there is a school like that in the country, I shall certainly go there.
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