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By daigai
#889497 Write about the kind of work which you hope to do when you leave the school.

It is very interesting to speculate as to what one could do after leaving the school. Normally it is too early for one leaving the school to decide upon a definite career. One is not mature this stage to decide upon a future course. Everything is temping and attractive and it is tough making a decision.

A career depends on many factors. The occupation of one’s parents, a successful neighbour or even an imaginery ideal, may influence the kind of work which one hopes to do. If one’s parent is a doctor or a lawyer one may decide to follow the same path. A book one has read or a popular movement may also influence one’s future.

I have made up my mind to become a doctor. With all the science’s achievements, man is not able to overcome diseases. He has found out medicines and ways to combat diseases but there is no way to eradicate them. As far as humanity is there, there will be diseases. Rich or poor, man suffers from diseases and the number of hospitals is a glaring witness to the presence of diseases. So there is more pleasure for me in serving the suffering humanity.

I got the inspiration from Mother Theresa who got the Nobel Peace Prize. What a glorious service she has been doing for the sick and the dying in the streets of Calcutta. I may not rise to that rare height.

A medical man is not merely a man who can prescribe a few tablets and give a shot here or there. In one sense, he plays the role of a helper of the creator saving as many patients as possible. To be a good doctor requires a lot of insight into the patient’s constitution and mind. A medical man must be careful in dealing with individual cases and he must be sympathetic. When a doctor replaces a heart or kidney he saves a patient. It is a challenge which is worthwhile. Since a medical man deal with humanity, he must be humane. Another fact is that a medical man is always intimate with his patient so it is also ethical to divulge a patient’s sickness to anybody.

Without fleecing a patient a doctor can earn a tidy sum of money if he has created a good name in his special field. So, for these reasons, I am attracted to medicine.

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