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By daigai
#889494 Miss Wilde is our teacher of English this term. She has been teaching in our school for three years ever since her return from London, but I have never attended her classes before.

She is rather tall for a lady, about twenty-four years of age, and I find her really slender. She puts on a little make up in very discreet manner. Though young and attractive in appearance, she is dignified and reserved. She is some what strict at times, but never too severe or stern. Her patience is wonderful she will never give up explaining until every one of us understands.

Her method of teaching differs somewhat from that of our former teacher. She pays much attention in correcting our pronunciation and drills us in expressing ourselves in short English sentences. At the end of each lesson, she gives us assignments and lets us work out ourselves. Her method means more work for us to do in the evening, as we have to consult the dictionary again and again; but this Giúp us to remember the new words and phrases and we feel that we have been making rapid progress.

Though my teacher is sometimes severe, yet her kindness and gentility always commands our respect.

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