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By daigai
Examination day often makes many pupils worry. Do you agree?

The most exciting day in the life of a student is the day during the final examination for class promotion. He prepares himself well for about a month before the examination and still he has his fears and hopes on the day of the examination. Even a student who neglects his lessons sits up to make his eleventh hour preparation.

A boy who studies hard may feel confident once inside the examination hall for the first paper. Every student is anxious to know whether the question papers would be difficult or not, except a few who do not take their question papers would be difficult or not, except a few who do not take their lessons seriously. Most of the children eagerly look forward to the examination day.

Unlike the other days, examination days are usually quiet. Every one seems to browse his notes for the last time before going into the hall. Every minute seems precious before the bell goes as it provides the last chance to check the facts properly. Sometimes the last minute reading may Giúp you to score marks.

It is indeed a day of excitement to every child who takes his or her lessons seriously.
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