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By tyty_extreme
#845564 The outline:
1. My name – age – address
2. My family – how many people – what they do
3. What I do – what I like, etc.
4. What I wish to be when I grow up – Why?
5. The end

I am an Indian boy. My name is Sanjay. I am fourteen years old. I live in the town of Klang.

I have three sisters and two brothers. My sisters are older than I am. My brothers are younger than I. they all go to school. My father is a teacher. He is not very old. My mother works at home. She is a very nice lady. I love her very much.

I go to a school in the town. It is a large school. I learn many lessons in school, such as English, Bahasa Malaysia and many others. Of all these lessons I find English is the most difficult to learn. But I enjoy learning English. It is a beautiful and important language.

I play all kinds of games. The game I like most is football. I play football with my friends every day. Football is a very interesting game.

When I grow up I wish to be a teacher. If I become a teacher, I can teach hundreds of boys and girls. I can Giúp them to read and write and become cleverer. At the same time, I too can learn many more things. I hope that I will get my wish.

My friends are of many races. Some are Chinese, some are Malaysian and some are Indian. I like my friends very much. I am indeed a very happy boy. I hope that I shall always be happy.

Imagine that you are a dog. Tell something about your self

The outline:
1. The beginning
2. Where I live
3. What I do
4. Whom I work for
5. The end

I am a very useful animal to man. I am called a dog by human beings. I do not know whether this is a good name or not; however, a man is called a dog, he gets very angry.

Whether I like human beings or not, I have learnt to live with them. My master is a young and rich man. He needs me to protect his large family and his huge property.

I do not, however, have much work to do. Yet, I am given a lot of very good food. My master buys meat for me every day and I really enjoy my meals.

Sometimes, I feel shamed to eat such expensive food, for I do no work for my master in return. I just bark once in a while to remind my master that I am doing my duty. If I hear some noise or see a strange person, I bark loudly. This makes my master think that I am a very obedient dog. I know that in this way I am actually deceiving my master. But there is no other way of showing my loyalty to my master. I do not even get a chance to catch a thief.

In short, I am a very lucky dog, and I am proud of my master. Perhaps I shall soon get a very good chance to show my master how much I care for him.

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