By cuopduong81
#200259 Ok so I have a two year old HP Pavilion Notebook, model number: dv6700, running on windows vista

I was watching a video on my computer the other day and all of a sudden the sound just disappeared. I did everything I could think of to solve the problem but nothing seemed to work. I restarted my pc and when everything reloaded there was a small red x on my volume icon on the tool bar. When I clicked the icon a little message appeared saying No Audio Output Device is installed.

I called up HP technical support and they took control of my computer and tried to fix the problem. I'm not sure what they did, but my volume was working again. But later when I restarted the computer, the same problem happened again. I've found a good deal of youtube videos offering solutions but for some reason they don't work for me. Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks so much

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By chip_ducon
#200283 first you check the device manager, wheather audio driver is installed or not (i,e if not driver installed audio device appeared yellow colour). then u have a driver cd,reinstalled that then it will work fine
By hanhtaybiphanhthay_9x
#200343 it seems something in your laptop causing the audio driver to be somehow uninstalled.

try open up device manager and see if there's a unknown hardware.

if there is, it might be the "uninstalled" audio device so you will need to go to HP website to download the driver.

scanning it for virus/malware/spyware is also a good idea.

but the audio device could be broken as well, which is less likely.

good luck!
By [email protected]
#200383 you need to update the driver

go to start

control panel


sound and audio properities

go to default device and see if you have any sound or audio device there click on the arrow and see if it show anything if not

then go to hard ware



click on update driver

now if it not showing anything then go to preforance and maintaince



device manager

scroll down to your sound

right click

scan for hardware chance

that will scan your computer find the drivers and then càithem

then you want to go back to the fist way i explain and update the driver

reboot and that should fix it

good luck
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