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By tctuvan
  • Best Zazzle clone, Cafepress clone script with best price.
  • Best script for Make a Printing Company Website
  • [START]Create a t shirt design online[/START] in best Quality

DEMO Live Working website:

English: Designs Shirt http://www.designsshirt.com
Vietnam (Unicode): Đồng phục lớp , thiết kế quần áo, đồng phục nhóm

Website /shopping cart features (user end)
  1. Work with all joomla, vm version
    • Joomla 1.5.x
    • Joomla 2.5.x
    • Joomla 3.0.x
    • Virtuemart 2.x
    • Virtuemart 1.5.x
  2. Free càiService (only 2-4 day), free support, upgrade next 6 month
  3. Integrate with any Language
  4. Completed Shopping Cart
    • Sell Customized Products (Tshirt, bag, cellphone case, banner, business card, apron, art stone...)
    • Sell any Normal products (Example: Appreal, Mobiles, foods, handmade...any things)
    • Sell any Digitall products (Example: Ebook, software, games, downloads....)
  5. Design Lab
    • will load the designer application v2.1 module into your Joomla static content page
  6. Shopping cart page
    • Default VM cart features + customize for designer options
    • Show details of user designs in the cart item with design element options like:
      • Text: My New Text (UTF-8, unicode support)
      • Fonts: Arial,
      • Colors: FF0000
      • Print type: Flex Print
      • Cliparts: [Clipart name]
      • Colors: FF0000, 00FF00
      • Print Type: Flex print
    • Proceed to checkout with VM checkout option
    • The price can be set based Quantity (Example: 10 items=5USD, 20 items = 4USD)
  7. Billing and shipping / shipping carrier
    • VM Default option (can càiany available VM shipping carrier module)
  8. Payment gateway
    • VM default payment gateway option (can càiany available VM payment gateway module)

This designer software used to create customizable online t-shirt, Mugs, Apparel items, bags, laptop screen, iphone screen, electronics item, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Baby item, Accessories item, Caps, Buttons, Men's Tie designing store. You can easily start your custom products selling e-commerce store with this application.

You can using this script not only for T-shirt design.
It also can be used for Hat Design, Mugs Design, Caps Design, Cellphone Case, Drink Cup, Card design, pillow designs, Business Card design online, heat presses, heat transfers, screen printing, labels, hang tags
And many others..........
Just upload an image of your product, customers can insert image, Text on it.......

Price: Only 500 USD, you will have a website 2.0 for Designer online
  • Free càiservice
  • Free Upgrade, support any technical issue for next 6 month.
Contact us to order!
Email: hotro[at]ketnooi.com or visit Contact page: Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

We are having SALE OFF
ONLY 450$ now!
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- Tìm kiếm trước khi đăng bài mới

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