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Internet bandwidth control and monitor software...

If you use from dedicated internet it's very important for you know your internet bandwidth usage, DU Meter helps you create report from your hour, day, month, year bacdwidth(upload and download) usage, you can easily control your bandwidth with this and this small software have allot of useful abilities like you can see which softwares use from your internet bandwidth...


Stopwatch ability for better bandwidth controlling

Compatible with all type of internet connections

Small size and easy usage

Show which programs using from your Bandwidth

Create log in different types like:HTML, Excel, PDF,...

Compatible with all of windows versions

Software changelog:


Created Company:Hageltech

Price:$21.95Buy DU Meter

Size:3 MB

How to Use Patch:

Please Follow This Steps...

1:Before Installation of Setup Disconnect your PC Internet after this càiSetup Of DU Meter

2:After Installation Don't Run Software Or If you runned Exit him From Your PC Desktop and Taskbar

3:Copy content of Patch folder and Paste him to Program installed Directory on your PC, Open Patch.exe file(If you use from Windows 7,8 and vista Please choose Run as Administrator option Before you open the Patch file from right click menu) and Click to Patch Button(Apply Patch),Now you can Use Free and Unlimited from this Software!!!

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