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By daigai
#508813 Swarmplayer is a new open source project with 22 million Euro's invested. It has some test streams, and a user found out how to stream on it. So that's how we use it yet...

Release notes

In centralised video streaming systems, such as YouTube, a single set of computers provides the video to all viewers. Such a solution requires a massive number of computers (like YouTube has) to serve all of the videos to a large set of users. Peer-to-peer technology takes a different approach. The video stream is served to a few users, after which users exchange and forward the video stream among each other. The users thus Giúp serving the video, reducing or even removing the need for a central server park. Starting a YouTube-like system becomes orders of magnitude cheaper when P2P technology is used. The downside of peer-to-peer is that the quality is harder to control since the responsibility of forwarding the video is shifted from the central server park to the users themselves. If the users cannot or will not forward the video among each other, the quality of the system will suffer.


User made, see our schedules!


How to Download and Install Simply click the link below for the official Swarmplayer download. There's a Windows and Linux Version. Follow the instructions to install. Make sure .tstream files will be opened with this program. How to Watch Also this is easy. Go to our schedule pages. When you see a Swarmplayer stream just click Play and it will open Swarmplayer and start the stream. No buffer after 5 or 10 seconds? Close it and click the Play link again. Trouble? Make ure your firewall allows connection, and check the option infofor Maximum Upload. Have fun!!!

Playing in Media Player

Mediaplayer 10 or 11, all fine

Mã: Chọn tất cảDownloads:

    Swarmplayer 1.0.1. Official
    Swarmplayer 1.0.1. Official Linux

Lưu ý khi sử dụng

- Gặp Link download hỏng, hãy đăng trả lời (yêu cầu link download mới), Các MOD sẽ cập nhật link sớm nhất
- Tìm kiếm trước khi đăng bài mới

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