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#508785 PPMate is an excellent program, which doesn't exist that long. The first phiên bản has been released in 2006, and it has been further developed in 2007.It now contains most channels of all p2p programs. The program is fully on English so that makes it easy to work with. It has also a VOD player which plays stable content.

Release notes

PPMate phiên bản - Release Date: 2008-11-21 - Requires WMP9 or higher and Windows - Size: 5.05MB * Rich in content.Built more than 1,200 colorful sports, film, animation, variety shows, satellite TV channels. * Notice program. (Program Guide) To provide a rich program, be able to keep track of each channel of programming on the same day notice. * Recording capabilities. Users can record all channels, recording the document can drag and drop when they watch. * When the same number of network users to watch the same channel, only takes up network bandwidth exports all the way down.


Many sports channels with the most important SIPTV, but also ESPN, Starsports, GolTV and many others. Also normal music and movie channels.


PPMate is after all an easy program to work with. It's fully in English, so you won't get problems with finding the options or adjusting them. Installing is also easy, click the download link (you can choose the latest download, always the latest version, or for example 1.7.33 which is so far the best and stable on) --> start the download --> Run installer --> make sure to select English --> and just follow the steps. In the end when you start PPMate you will be asked about the ISP. Just run the auto check, the fastest server will be selected then. China Netcom should be fine if you want to select it manually. And there you go, you got the program working and you can see the channellist on your right. There are Live channels and VOD (recorded) channels. Live channels are the most interesting. It's sorted in several categories. Doubleclick a channel to start the buffering. Every channel has also a Quality info, to see how good it;'s running. So it's easy to enjoy it, to watch Sports channel see our schedules for live events, but feel free to check it out by yourself.

Playing in Media Player

It's easy to play it in your own MediaPlayer, when playing a channel go to the channel window --> right mouse --> open with default player. The channel will open then in WMP.

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PPmate (Mirror)
PPmate (Mirror)
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