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By Arkwright

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85. If smokers don't give up smoking .
A. all of them will die B. it will be harmful to their health
C. all of them will get lung cancer D. all of themwill be taken to the hospital
American Sign Language (ASL), which is the first language of many deaf people in North America, uses hand gestures, facial expressions and other body movements to communicate. ASL is one of the four most commonly used languages in the USA.
ASL was first introduced to America in 1817. In that year, a French teacher who came to America to teach brought with him the French Sign Language (FSL) and taught it to his deaf students. The students then added their own American signing and changed the FSL into the ASL. Modern ASL and FSL share some elements, including a large amount of vocabulary. However, an ASL user cannot understand an FSL user.
No one form of sign language is universal. For example, British Sign Language (BSL) differs from ASL. Different sign languages are used in different countries or regions.
86. What does the passage mainly discuss?
A. a language for the deaf B. the differences between ASL and FSL
C. the universal sign language D. how ASL work
87. ASL uses all the following to communicate EXCEPT for___________
A. hand gestures B. facial expressions C. alphabetical letters D. body movements
88. Who introduced FSL to Americans?
A. an American student B. a French student C. an American teacher D. a French teacher
89. How was ASL formed from FSL?
A. a French teacher brought FSL to America and added new American signing to it
B. a French teacher brought FSL to America and omitted some of its signs
C. a French teacher brought FSL to America and his American students then added their own signing to it
D. a French teacher brought FSL to America and his colleagues changed it into ASL
90. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?
A. there is a universal sign language B. ASL, FSL,and BSL are different forms of sign language
C. ASL originated from FSL D. ASL users and FSL users cannot understand each other

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Tóm tắt nội dung:

………more about history, we wouldn’t be afraid of the test.
A. known B. knows C. knew D. knowing
59. As soon as we ………….. enough money, we …………… a villa.
A. have – will buy B. will have – buy C. will have – will buy D. have – buy
60. The USA is a very wonderful country. We …………….. until our visa runs out
A. are going to leave B. aren’t going to leave C. won’t leave D. don’t leave
61. Many cars ……….. by George yesterday.
A. had been repaired B. were repaired C. have been repaired D. repaired
62. Right now, the letter …………….by Sarah.
A. was written B. is being written C. writes D. is written
63. Something funny ………………… in class yesterday.
A. happened B. was happened C. happens D. is happened
64. Tobaco ………………… commercially in America in the 17th century on slave plantations.
A. was grown B. grew C. has been grown D. is grown
65. Now 35 million McDonald’s hamburgers …………… everyday in 115 countries all over the world.
A. were eaten B. ate C. are eaten D. is eaten
66. Can you …………….. me a favour by taking me to the market after class tomorrow morning?
A. get B. do C. take D. have
67. A lot of people will travel on this vacation, so you should contact some hotels there to………..a reservation
in advance.
A. get B. do C. make D. take
68. He is a photographer. He likes ……………. photos of flowers.
A. taking B. getting C. making D. doing
69. She is a kind of easy-going person. It is really easy for her to…………… friends with others.
A. do B. play C. make D. have
70. Mr. Li always ……………….. everybody a story before class.
A. speak B. make C. say D. tell
71. Dubai is …………… and much ………….. than Melbourn.
A. interestinger – hotter B. more interesting – hotter C. interesting – hot D. more interesting - hot
72. She is not as clever……………….. her sister.
A. as B. than C. that D. to
73. He won the only scholarship in class. He is deserved that because he is ….. than anyone in this class.
A. harder- working B. the most hard-working C. more hard-working D. hard-working
74. The moon is much ……………. than the sun .
A. cooller B. the cooler C. the coolest D. cooler
75. Did she bought the cheapest watch in the shop? No, she didn’t. She bought ……………one.
A. more expensive B. the most expensive C. the expensiver D. the cheapest
PhÇn 3.
– Tải miễn phí hàng ngàn eBook, ðề thi, Tài liệu học tập 59
76. I wish I had a car. If I would have a car, I would give you a lift.
77. If I am younger, I would learn to play the piano, but I am too old now.
78. I went to the library to get as many information as I could.
79. Nike is all right. I like famous brands, but where was those shoes made?
80. When I was young, I used going ice-skating.
Phần 4.
Do you love hamburgers? Do you know how they were created?
The first hamburgers in U.S. history were served in New Haven, Connecticut, at Louis' Lunch sandwich shop in 1895.
Louis Lassen, founder of Louis' Lunch, ran a small lunch wagon selling steak sandwiches to local factory workers.
Because he didn't like to waste the excess beef from his daily lunch rush, he ground it up, grilled it, and served it between
two slices of bread - and America's first hamburger was created.
The small Crown Street luncheonette is still owned and operated by third and fourth generations of the Lassen family.
Hamburgers are still the specialty of the house, where steak is ground fresh each day and hand molded, slow cooked,
broiled vertically, and served between two slices of toast with your choice of only three "acceptable" garnishes: cheese,
tomato, and onion.
Do you want ketchup or mustard? Forget it. You will be told "no" in no uncertain terms. This is the home of the greatest
hamburger in the world, claim the owners, who are perhaps best known for allowing their customers to have a burger the
Lassen way or not at all.
81. What is the main idea of the passage?
A. to show how is a hamburger made B. to introduce the home of the greatest hamburger in the world
C. to talk about the history of hamburger and the home of the greatest hamburger in the world
D. To talk about Lassen family
82. According to the passage, who is the inventor of hamburgers in the US?
A. Louis Lassen B. New Haven C. Connecticut D. Crown Street
83. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in creating the America's first hamburger ?
A. ground beef up B. roasted beef C. grilled beef D. served it between two slices of bread
84. Which of the following is NOT true about the process of making hamburgers in Crown Street luncheonette ?
A. ground fresh steak each day B. mold hamburgers by machines C. cook slowly D. broil vertically
85. The different types of hamburgers can be optional and due to customers, which is described in paragraph
A. 1 B. 2 C. 1 and 2 D. 3
London is the place where the historic past and the present come alive. A blend of history, architecture and culture
has created an amazingly and constantly developing city. Not surprisingly, the capital has become a wonderful place for
visitors and a great place to live with countless museums, galleries and entertainment places throughout the city. Whatever
you want to buy, you can surely find out in London. London has a population of 7.2 million people and it is one of
Europe’s most densely populated areas.Throughout history, a lot immigrants and refugees have been arriving in London.
London has more women than men and its population is younger when compared to the rest of the country. The capital is
home to 306, 000 in higher education.
86. Which sentence is true?
A. There are not any works of architecture in London. B. London is a constantly developing country.
C. No tourists visit London. D. There are not many museums in London.
87. To many visitors, Lon don is ……….
A. the most polluted city B. not well- developed C. an amazing architecture D. a wonderful place
88. According to the writer, …………
A. London is a center of shopping. B. Lon don is the least populous city in Europe
C. tourists cannot find any galleries in London D. the population in London is less than 7 million
89. London is …
A. poor B. quiet C. undeveloped D. populous
90. In London there are ……….
A. no universities B. more men than women C. many students coming for higher education D. no immigrants
– Tải miễn phí hàng ngàn eBook, ðề thi, Tài liệu học tập 60
ðÁP ÁN ðỀ SỐ 12
1 A 11 D 21 C 31 B 41 D 51 C 61 B 71 B 81 C
2 B 12 D 22 B 32 A 42 A 52 D 62 B 72 A 82 A
3 D 13 C 23 C 33 A 43 C 53 B 63 B 73 C 83 B
4 A 14 D 24 B 34 C 44 B 54 A 64 A 74 D 84 B
5 D 15 A 25 A 35 A 45 A 55 C 65 C 75 B 85 D
6 C 16 B 26 B 36 A 46 D 56 B 66 B 76 B 86 B
7 A 17 A 27 A 37 C 47 B 57 C 67 C 77 A 87 D
8 C 18 C 28 D 38 B 48 A 58 C 68 A 78 C 88 A
9 D 19 D 29 B 39 B 49 C 59 A 69 C 79 C 89 D
10 B 20 B 30 B 40 A 50 C 60 B 70 D 80 C 90 C
– Tải miễn phí hàng ngàn eBook, ðề thi, Tài liệu học tập 61
Practice 13
Phần 1.
1. A. begin B. behind C. technology D. language
2. A. China B. machine C. chewing-gum D. change
3. A. thought B. path C. through D. throw
4. A. exhausted B. horse C. house D. highways
5. A. vision B. prison C. soldier D. television
Phần 2
6. When Henry was eating dinner, Ruth……………….
A. coming B. was coming C.come D. came
7. Henry played football at school, but he …………………. since he left school in 2005.
A. has played B. hasn’t played C. played D. playing
8. Last week, I………….into an ex-girlfriend of mine. We haven’t seen each other in years for
a long time.
A. ran B. ran C. run D. ran
9. I enjoyed talking to her so much that I ……her out on a date. We are getting together tonight for dinner.
A. asked B. had asked C. asking D. has asked
10. When Jack entered the room, I didn’t recognize him because he ……………so much weight
A. had lost B. has lost C. lost D. losing
11. When Carol …………..last night, I ……..my favorite show on television.
A. called – was watching B. was calling – watched C. called – watched D. was calling - was watching
12. I ………………for this company for more than thirty years, and I intend to stay here until I retire!
A. had worked B. have worked C. have been working D. worked
13. Sharon …… traveling. She ……..abroad almost every summer. Next year, she plans to go to Peru.
A. loved – went B. love – go C. loves – goes D. loved - goes
14. Thomas is an au...
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