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By qht_148

Download Tiểu luận Fast food in Viet Nam miễn phí

Table contents
Introduction 2
Major finding 3
1. The popularity of fast food 3
2. Advantage 5
3. Disadvantage 9
Conclusion 13
Reference 14

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Tóm tắt nội dung:

Table contents
Fast food appeared firstly in America at the beginning of 1990s. Then, it became popular over the word and was a important part in human’s life. With the improvement of fast food, many firms of fast food was founded such as: KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), Lotteria, Chicken Town, Jollibee, McDonald etc
One of the persons, who founded the industry of fast food is Carl Karcher. He was born in Ohio, America. He came to California in 1939. Then he opened a drive-in restaurant to serve the person, who was in car with the name Carl’s drive-in Barbecue. Then, many fast-food chains were developed to market main products such as chicken, pizza, tacos, sub-sandwiches, etc. It was beginning of the appearance of fast food restaurants. Today, 160,000 fast-food restaurants serve more than 50 million Americans daily. In addition, fast food is very popular with our life.
For Vietnamese, fast food was a new food at the beginning of 1990s. However, nowadays, it becomes more popular. As a result, combining survey questions and searching internet, our report will show you three aims. The first is why fast food becomes more popular in Vietnam? It is very clear that fast food has many good advantages, but it has also some disadvantages with our life. Therefore, from some information I found out and my opinion, I hope my report will offer you true insights into fast food.
Major finding
1. The popularity of fast food
As you know, fast food has been appearing firstly in America for a long time. It was paid attention by many people, especially the youth in America because it was really delicious. Therefore, it was suitable for the busy- life. Since then, the industry of fast food has been being a fast- grew industry. Many the firms of fast food were founded to serve the people such as: KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), Lotteria, Chicken Town, Jollibee, McDonald etc. And now, they are really famous firms of fast food on the world. There are more than 16000 fast food restaurant in America. It showed us fast food is really a part important in the life of American. . With the success in America, they continued to open many restaurants of fast food in the other countries. There, fast food was also welcome warmly. People in many developed- country such as England, Italy, Japan etc liked it. Maybe, they like fast food more than their traditional food, because before the appearing of fast food, they usually ate familiar foods. So fast food seemed to be a strange thing. Therefore, it is really delicious and suitable for everybody. Since then, fast food has become popular on the world. Although each country has their culture of fast food, fast food is an integral food in their life. Especially, on the world, in many countries, fast food is the first choice of the youth. Therefore, there are many kinds of fast food to choose people like pizza, hotdog etc. Nowadays, we can see many restaurant of fast food over the world with many famous firms. It is really a part of our life.
At the beginning of 1990s, Vietnam was a poor country. The economic was underdeveloped. Therefore, Vietnamese always attaches much importance to traditional food. It is difficult for Vietnamese to pay attention other foods, which comes abroad especially. In addition, the firms of fast food can’t consider Vietnam as a new market, where they continued to develop the industry of fast food. However, nowadays, Vietnam is a developing-country. Therefore, Vietnam has been being a membership of the WTO. Since then, the economic in Vietnam has been developing. The face of Vietnam has been changing. Because many famous companies, many famous firms on the world is beginning to pay attention Vietnam. They invest big-invested capital in many fields in Vietnam. The firms of fast food are also. They begin to open many restaurants in some big cities. There is other reason for those firms to invest in Vietnam is that Vietnam has a young population. It seems to be an advantage for the industry of fast food, because a major of customers is young in the restaurant of fast food. Therefore, the youth is easy to contact new things, new technology etc and fast food is very suitable for them. According to my survey, 43% people answer that they eat fast food 2-3 times a week, 36% people eat it a time 2 week. Fast food goes to the life of Vietnamese as the food of the developing-industry. Vietnamese is familiar with many fast- food restaurants on the road. According to the website www.tintuc.com.vn , the takings of the firm of fast food are more and more increasing in Vietnam. In addition, fast food becomes more popular with Vietnamese. Maybe, there are many restaurants of fast food, opened in future in Vietnam.
2. Advantage
As you know, fast food has been appearing in Vietnam for nearly years. Many people like it because of advantages.
First, fast food can save your time in your busy life. In Vietnam, many years ago, a woman always repaired two means a day for their family. They think means, cooked in the house served enough energy for their family, their children. The means in the house are always clean. Therefore, many years ago, Vietnam was a poor country so there are not many restaurants opened. So, although they have no time to repair a mean, there are no where for them to go out for a mean. Nowadays, in the developing-country as Vietnam, people are always busy with their work, their children, so they also have time to have dinner each other and how about the lunch? Fast food is their best choice. It does not waste much your time to repair. On the other hand, it is not only clean but also serve enough energy. According to my survey, 36 % people like fast food because it saves their time. The information from website www.giadinh.net showed us many women in Vietnam choose fast food for their lunch. Because they don’t have time to cook a lunch but really have a clean mean for family.
Second, people can use fast food everywhere. With people who work in office, sometime they have no time to go out for a lunch. They can eat fast food in their office. With students, they can use fast food in their school, in their break- time with their friends. Therefore, the youth like to eat fast food when they go picnic. Besides many things, repaired for their picnic, fast food is an integral thing. In addition, people can eat fast food everywhere they like such as in the office, at school, or outside etc. If they don’t like to eat fast food outside, they can use it in the restaurants of fast food. My survey showed that 53% people like to eat fast food in the restaurant. All the firms of fast food become from foreign country, so their restaurants are not only clean but also cool. Many people, who work in office, like to have lunch in the restaurants of fast food. According to interview in the website www.amthuc.com , a person, who works in the television station said that: “I like so much to have lunch fast food in the restaurant with my friend. We can exchange each other about our work, our family etc freely. Therefore, the air in the restaurant makes us comfortable”. Many people agree with that opinion and have the same comments about the restaurants. About the students, they also like to go to the restaurants of fast food. According to my survey, in the 53% people, who like to go to there, a half is the people, who have age from 15 to 19 years old. They like the air in there. Here, they can exchange each other about their studying, their hobbies, things which they take care about. Maybe, in developed-country, the restaurant of fast food with the comfort is normal. However in Vietnam, it is a new thing and really influences Vietnamese.
Besides, in many restaurants, there are many good services, which was paid attention especially the youth. My survey showed that 33% people pay attention services in the restaurants of fast food. All restaurants have worker, who is always ready to delivery goods to where you request. Although, you are everywhere and want to eat fast food, but you don’t want to go to the restaurant, you can phone the restaurant to request food, you want to eat. About a half-time later, you will have the food, you want. Especially, you don’t need to pay money for delivering food. It is a great convenience in our busy-life and suitable for the person, who are always busy with their work. Therefore, many restaurants have buffets for lunch. People have to pay money and they can choose and eat kinds of fast food, they want. This service is new with Vietnamese, so it is paid attention especially the Vietnamese students. On the other hand, some ones have free service on a day in weeks such as buy 1 free 1 for pizza etc. And the waitress’ style is very impolite and they always smile with the customers. It makes the customers feel comfortable and free. Using th...
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