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Tóm tắt nội dung:

B. reporters
C. viewers D. points
NGUYEN NGOC VIEN_01267894932
Trang 23
Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space.
Passage 1:
There are three separate sources of hazard in the (1)________ of supplying energy by nuclear
First, the (2)______material must travel from its place of manufacture to the power station.
Although the power stations themselves are solidly built, the containers used for the transport of
the materials are (3)_________ . There are normally only two methods of transport (4) _______
namely road or rail. Unfortunately, both of these (5)________ close contact with the general
public since the (6)________ are sure to pass near or even through, heavily (7)________ areas.
Second, there is the problem of waste. All nuclear power stations produce wastes that in most
cases will (8) ________ radioactive for thousands of years. It is impossible to (9)________
these wastes no radioactive, and so they must be (10) _________ in one of the inconvenient
ways that scientists have invented. For examples, they may be buried under the ground, or
dropped into abandoned mines or sunk in the sea. However, these methods do not solve the
problem, since an earthquake could easily (11) _________ the containers open.
Third, there is the problem of accidental (12) _________ due to a leak or an explosion at the
power station. As with the other two, this is not very likely, so it does not provide a serious
objection (13) _________ the nuclear program. Nevertheless, it can happen.
Separately, these three types of risks are a great cause for (14) ________ . Taken together,
though, the (40) ________ of disaster is extremely high.
1. A. procedure B. manner C. technique D. process
2. A. destructive B. radioactive C. explosive D. effective
3. A. not B. neither C. also D. too
4. A. possible B. acceptable C. favorable D. available
5. A. relate B. make C. involve D. require
6. A. streets B. routes C. roads D. ways
7. A. populated B. popular C. inhabited D. living
8. A. continue B. rest C. begin D. remain
9. A. cause B. do C. make D. produce
10. A. preserved B. protected C. placed D. stored
11. A. explore B. Cr-ack C. cause D. shake
12. A. exposure B. show C. display D. contact
13. A. for B. against C. to D. with
14. A. consideration B. investigation C. examination D. concern
15. A. probability B. ability C. capacity D. opportunity
Passage 2:
The use of computers has meant students can study language program (1)__________ their own
speed when and for how long they went – and no need to (2) _________ about the teacher
having a favorite or doing (3) _________ another boring lesson. What’s (4) ________ in the
NGUYEN NGOC VIEN_01267894932
Trang 24
virtual classrooms of the future the student will (5) ________ on their headset and be
transported into an imaginary school, choose their class, take the hooks they need off the shelf
and (6)________ conversations with other computerized students.
They might (7)________ choose to pay a visit to the supermarket or the train station, the bank
or the restaurant. At the (8) ________ of a button they would be transported to (9)
________ realistic settings where they could practice their English, maybe getting a hand (10)
_______ a virtual English companion. All this, perhaps, at the computer from the corner of their
home: no (11) _______ to catch the bus to college, or a plane to England.
Exciting? Certainly, and an interesting (12) ________ to traditional classroom lessons. But
would it ever (13)_________ the classroom? Hopefully not. (14) _________, the need to relate
to real people talking about real issues and generally learning a little more about others will
always lead language learners to (15) ________ at least a little of their time with real people.
1. A. with B. for C. at D. in
2. A. concern B. upset C. trouble D. worry
3. A. still B. for C. yet D. already
4. A. more B. additional C. besides D. moreover
5. A. place B. put C. set D. get
6. A. take B. do C. catch D. hold
7. A. although B. instead C. preferably D. contrary
8. A. force B. hit C. depress D. push
9. A. so B. like C. such D. alike
10. A. with B. to C. from D. for
11. A. role B. duty C. obligation D. need
12. A. difference B. opposite C. choice D. alternative
13. A. replace B. restore C. succeed D. recover
14. A. Definitely B. Mainly C. Totally D. Surely
15. A. spend B. make C. have D. do
Passage 3:
George Smith is 40 years old. He has worked is a factory (1) __________ 30 years. One day he
is told that a new machine has been installed which does his job (2) _________.
He is no longer needed. So he has to leave his job – he is made (3) __________
George has done his (4) _________ to look for a new job but he keeps getting the same answer
– “ No (5) ________”. There are no jobs suitable (6) _________ him within reasonable
traveling distance of his home.
At his local Jobcentre he is given a piece of paper to (7) _________ to the Unemployment
Benefit Office. There he is given a card which tells him the day and time each fortnight he must
“sign on”. This means he signs a register stating that he is (8) _________ .
His unemployment benefit is sent to him by post every week that he signs on. He (9)_________
the cheque at a post office or bank.
If his unemployment benefit is not enough to live (10)___________ , George can go to the
Social Security Office: he may be able to get extra Giúp from there.
(11)__________ some weeks of unemployment, the Jobcentre tells George about a possible
vacancy. The only problem is that if George gets the job, he will have to move to another part of
Britain. He is writing to (12) _________ house but first he has to go for (13) _________ with
his prospective employer. It costs money to travel and to move house. George sees some
NGUYEN NGOC VIEN_01267894932
Trang 25
pamphlets in his Jobcentre. They give him information about Giúp with interview expenses. He
also reads about grants and allowances (14) _________ if he does have to move to another part
of the country.
George is (15) __________ the job at the interview, but he may not be able to take it because
the cost of housing in the area is too high.
1. A. in B. for C. by D. on
2. A. automatically B. mechanically C. systematically D. methodically
3. A. unsatisfactory B. inconvenient C. disqualified D. redundant
4. A. ability B. best C. capacity D. most
5. A. places B. need C. work D. vacancies
6. A. for B. to C. with D. by
7. A. carry B. take C. bring D. hold
8. A. broke B. poor C. unemployed D. homeless
9. A. cashes B. sends C. receives D. exchanges
10. A. with B. in C. for D. on
11. A. in B. within C. for D. After
12. A. change B. move C. leave D. sell
13. A. a meeting B. an interview C. a discussion D. a conference
14. A. available B. ready C. free D. essay
15. A. presented B. offered C. donated D. granted
Passage 4:
There are millions of people today who are able and (1)__________ to work but unemployed. In
this time of high unemployment, putting job satisfaction before job security is a luxury most
people can’t (2)________ . For example, a friend of mine gave (3) _______ a secure secretarial
job to find work that was more rewarding and exciting. That was five years ago. She is still not
employed (4) ________ . If she wanted to return to her old job, she would no longer be (5)
__________ since the company now (6) ________ computer skills. She risked job security to
look for more interesting work, and she lost. She’s not only having a hard time (7)_________
ends meet, but she also has none of the ordinary job (8) _________, such as medical insurance
or pension plan.
I know someone else who is working for a small company doing administrative work. A few
years ago, she was very (9) __________ to change careers and look for different job. (10)
_________, she decided instead to look for ways to change her job, she asked her supervisor for
more (11) _________ in areas that interested her. Her supervisor agreed, and today she is very
happy in her work. She chose to try to alter her job so that it becomes more (12)__________ to
her instead of looking for other work.
I believe that it’s (13)_________ these days for people to look for challenges and changes
within their present job (14) __________ than trying to find different work and (15) _________
not having a job at all. There is a need in all of us to feel and be secure, and having and keeping
a job is one very important aspect of personal se...
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